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Best Carpet Shampoo For Kids & Pet in 2022

Are you worried about your carpets? Do you want them to be fresh and smelling good? Then consider getting a carpet shampoo for now as this is what professionals do to keep it sanitized.

A carpet shampoo is basically a liquid detergent that is used to clean carpets and rugs of any kind. This is usually used before vacuuming as it leaves the dirt in a pile that a vacuuming machine can suction out. This makes a carpet shampoo as a supplement for cleaning.

Although, the cleaning industry does not think it to be a mandatory, but most cleaner do make use of this as it assists in cleaning. The result is pretty good and you know that you have got an extra help. We wanted this post to be dedicated to the best carpet shampoo of all time.

Our Top Best Carpet Shampoo

This is why we have found three of the best products and reviewed them for you. This will help you get a fair idea as to what to expect from a carpet shampoo. You can also take it as a head start and bank on this post because it has answered all the possible questions in regards to this type of a cleaner.

Below, you’ll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer’s reviews on Amazon.

How to Choose The Best Carpet Shampoo?

The popular belief goes something like this that a good carpet shampoo must lather. The amount of foam decides for it as the working capacity depends on how much it can froth. In simple words, thesesuds will pull out the dirt out of a carpet pile and the vacuum cleaner will do the rest.

This is how a carpet shampoo works and that is all presumeit will do. However, if you are wondering, that you need to know more about it and also be told concerning how to choose one more appropriately, then you have reached place. Here are a few pointers that can help you choose the best one for you:


This is a requirement and you should stick to it because most brands undergo a lot of quality check. Plus, they know what kind of certifications is needed these days to label a product as safe. They also use latest technology to manufacture goods and provide you the best.

Safe Products

Look for safer products, ones that do not contain hazardous materials like lead, phosphates and other harmful chemicals. You want your family to stay healthy and that is why you are investing in a cleaner. You don’t want to carry home contaminated products that will cause you more harm than you can think of it.


Yes, this is another type of safety that you can guarantee yourself of embracing. If you look for products that have been certified by the EPA, you know you are making it easy for you. Products marked as safe by the EPA means a lot and you know that they are safe for use.

Environment Friendly

If possible choose products that are eco-friendly and go for green products. There are many companies that have started manufacturing green cleaners that protect the environment and ensure maximum safety to you and your family as well.

With all this discussion, you may be thinking how does a carpet shampoo differ from an ordinary cleaner? Here is an answer to that:

  • These shampoos evaporate leaving a residue on the carpet, that the vacuum or steam cleaner picks up for maximum cleaning
  • Wetting the carpet for cleaning, may damage the floor, why not opt for a smarter cleaner, one that vanishes into the air
  • Avoid damaging your carpet by using carpet brushes
  • A wet floor will remain for a long time and may in turn become a breeding arena for bacteria and mold

Top 3 Best Carpet Shampoo Reviews 2022

We have found a list of the Best Carpet Shampoo to make your job easier. Read about them to get the hang of things.

1. BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine Formula, 32 ounces, 74R7

Overall Best Shampoo


This BISSELL product certainly lives up to the brand name and is serves its best according to most users. This is a pet specialist as it can remove pet stains and odors within a jiffy. It contains something odor control technology that makes the product a huge favorite with pet owners in particular.

It has been designed with patented odor eliminator that assures it kills the odor with its 2X concentrated liquid. Not only this, it can fight dirt, grime, dust and spills at its own pace and make you proud.


  • More cleaning power of the 2X contration
  • Does not contain dyes, heavy metals or phosphates of any kind
  • Has been certified by EPA that means it is safe for use especially in house with pets
  • The odor control keeps your pets away from soiling the same area again and again
  • Can deep clean and is an expert in fighting the toughest of stains


  • The cleaner is too small and is expensive. A BISSELL product is always reasonably priced and this is no different. Even the sweet smelling liquid can become a bit strong.
  • We can reassure that there is nothing wrong with the carpet cleaner at least and it will never compromise with the quality of service.

2. Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Shampoo

Best for Pet Owners

Nature’s Miracle -Best for Pet Owners

As the name suggests, this is a water based carpet shampoo that can take on tough stains. It is one of the bestselling products at most of the retail sites. Its low foaming formula makes it clear that it does not contain anything harmful for sure. It is free of phosphates, yet can deep clean carpets, rugs and upholsteries.

It can put up a fight against old stains, allergens, dirt, dust and odors. You can use a vacuum cleaner right after this has been applied to your rug or we would you to read the manufacturer’s instructions in details to make your life easy.


  • It is ideal for water based machine cleaning after a follow up
  • Is good for deep cleaning your rugs and carpets
  • It contains bio-enzymatic technology that can lock in the odors which is why this has been listed as the best carpet shampoo in our list
  • Safe product to use at home as it is free of any contamination
  • It includes brighteners and conditioners


  • This product does not leave any bad impression on the market. So go for this and my advice for new users to read the manual and guidelines thoroughly before start using it.

3. Hoover AH30330 Cleanplus 2X Concentrated Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer, 64oz

Hoover AH30330

Hoover AH30330 – Best for Deep-Cleaning

This Hoover product is a blessing for many and as a carpet shampoo this has done incredibly well so far. The reason being, most users have found this product to be a remarkable cleaner that can deep clean carpets and rugs in the best possible ways. It is 2X concentrated and leaves a clean scent behind.

It is non-toxic and is absolutely safe for home use. You get all that you want and that too at such a low asking price! Moreover, it is suitable for any kind of machine as it is a “Clean For All” cleaner. What more can you expect from a cleaner?


  • It comes with improved cleaning that clean the sturdiest of stains
  • Can even clean pet stains according to some customers
  • It can clean carpets, rugs, car interiors and upholstery
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Easily available at leading online retailers
  • Has a brand name to live up to and it does so


  • Well, to start with, this is a Hoover we are talking about and secondly, this is a cost effective product because of its 2X concentration.
  • A little goes a long way and you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. If you did all that, then you will not be complaining without a doubt.


As a matter of fact, it must be added that the best carpet shampoo is something that you need to be comfortable using. We have laid down all that you would need to find a suitable one. If not, then you can try one of the names that we have mentioned in our review as well.

Those three products are certainly the best of its kind as they not only have brand attached to them but also the proof of being good cleaners. Their reviews speak for them and you can be assured that these cleaners are going to be much of

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