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Top 3 Best Carpet Sweeper (Reviews 2022)

In this article we details discuss which carpet sweeper is the best carpet sweeper in the market.

Are you worried about the health of your family members? Do you feel that the carpet in the office needs to be cleaned often?

We know the importance of keeping your carpet clean. It is hygienic and if you want to live in an odor free envrionment then a investing in a quality carpet sweeper is a must. If you are still thinking about, should you get a carpet sweeper, then here are some reasons for it:

  • This is ideal for places that have long carpeted floors
  • It can pick up larger chunks unlike a vacuum cleaner
  • You have to anyways sweep your carpt before vacuuming
  • The latest electric supported ones donot require much of an elbow grease to work through
  • It is a low maintenance device that does not involve changing of belts, filters or motors
  • Modern day sweepers are light in weight
  • Additionally, it has to be mentioned that the latest models are easy to operate

So, bid all your worries goodbye as we have the right solution for you. We have curated a list of the best carpet sweeper that will help you keep your carpet spotless in an economical manner.

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How to Choose Best Carpet Sweeper?

To be more precise, we need to add here that a carpet sweeper can make your job easier. Think about it, before vacuuming your carpet, if you sweep clean the carpet, your machine will last you longer.

You must have removed larger particles and pet hair or other finer articles by a thorough brush off. This will reduce your effort of cleaning the carpet too. This is why, you need a sweeper and we will help you with the details of choosing the best of the lot, by following simple things like:

Manual or electric

It is totally up to you to choose the Best Carpet Sweeper, but what you need to know is to find out what kind you want. You may select a trouble-free carpet sweeper by deciding for a manual one. On the other hand, there are attractive powered sweepers. It is completely your choice and no one can guide you about this.


This is another factor that you need to decide by yourself as this is very personal a factor. These days, you can get sweepers at various prices that you need to mull over. However, if you have a price tag in your mind, you know which ones to short list.


Of course, this has to be a deciding factor because you are getting a sweeper in the very first place to reduce your burden of cleaning. This carpet sweeper has to do something more than what you can do by yourself. Hence, efficiency of the cleaner has to be taken into consideration.


carpet cleaner is usually low on maintenance, does not consume too much of electricity and requires no replacements. This is why people invest in these devices and you need to research well while buying the Best Carpet Sweeper without a doubt.

Easy to clean

All this brings us to one thing that it is easier to clean with a sweeper. Be it pet hair or a loose shag, sweepers are most definitely the best way to clean your carpet. The point is, these are way more resourceful than a vacuum that may need repairing with a suddne tuft of fur.

So, you see that these sweepers are more practical than a vacuum and have proven to be more proficient at handling dirt, grime and dust in comparison to a vacuum cleaner. Are you still thinking?

Top 3 Best Carpet Sweepers 2017 Reviews

Here is a curated list of the best of sweepers that you can use for cleaning your carpet:

1. Best Selling Carpet Sweepers

Best Carpet Sweepers

BISSELL Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper, 92N0A

There are no doubts about BISSELL being a world leader of cleaning supplies. It has been into this business for 140 years now and it hardly can be wrong at doing this. They are known for manufacturing multiple mopping surfaces and the BISSELL Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper is one of them.

It can pick up dirt and grime with ease and there is no need to worry about cleaning when you have a BISSELL at hand. Likewise, it has a set of features that you should be informed about and they are as follows:


  • Ideal for quick and quiet cleanup of pet hair, food grains, cereals or dirt
  • Good for rugs and carpets
  • Is compact in size and light in weight
  • Easy to use as well as store
  • Made of recycled plastic and is free of PVC


  • This sweeper takes little extra time and energy to complete the work. However, this should not be a problem at all, provided you know the right way. We have to agree that there is a technique for everything and you need to learn it for best results. What we mean is you need to know the procedure for cleaning a carpet and if you don’t then, you may have a hard time while doing it.

2. Best Value Carpet Sweeper

Best Carpet Sweepers

Fuller Brush Co.Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

Gone are the days when you had to depend on your bulky vacuum, with the Fuller Brush Co.Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper you can now clean your carpets and your house in general within a short time. The rotating bristles are capable of cleaning everything from glass, paper clips, ash to dust.

The vacuum cleaner is quite light weight so moving it around the house is hassle free. The manufacturer has employed the latest technology in building this vacuum cleaner and it is evident from its design and superior quality. There is no doubt that this contraption will last for years together. Fuller Brush has been in this industry for years and it has sufficient expertise in providing the Best Carpet Sweeper for home cleaning.


  • The vacuum cleaner comes with a cleaning comb that helps to clean the bristles
  • The cleaner works great on floors of all kinds and on carpets
  • The rotor brush is very effective in cleaning the floors collecting paper clips, ash and dust
  • This gadget is just perfect for cleaning the house in the shortest way possible


  • It is tough to use comparative to others, well that does not mean that the product is faulty. To get the best out of the cleaner one should read the user manual well before using the cleaner

3. Best Budget Carpet Sweeper

Best Carpet Sweepers

OnTel Products SWSMAX Max Cordless Swivel Sweeper

The SWSMAX Max Swivel Sweeper is a cleaner that you simply cannot miss out on. The performance is flawless with its 360 degrees swivel it can facilitate good cleaning on all kinds of floors. This cleaner does not come with a chord so it can move around the house very easily. The gadget is very lightweight which makes it highly portable.

The Vacuum cleaner has a Quad Brush which can clean from all four sides. The bristles are removable so that you may clean them properly. The finishing of the product is really good and it is built to last. The cleaner is very affordable and there is no doubt that it can do a good job when it comes to cleaning. All you need to do is go through the user manual and you are good to use the cleaner to clean up your house.


  • The bristles can be reused, cleaned and removed
  • The swivel technology of the sweeper facilitates smooth cleaning
  • This cleaner can reach in places that are otherwise very hard to access such as under tales
  • The sweeper is designed to clean furniture of any kind
  • The cleaner does not require any expensive bags


  • This product has come up hardly with some setback as On Tel Products is known to be within the league of the best cleaners in the market. Overall the product has received rave reviews for is superb quality and performance.

Best Carpet Sweeper a Great Investment Are Some Basic Facts Like

  • Sweepers are easy to store
  • There is no need to replace their parts
  • They are one time investment without any recurring charges
  • They can be disposed once and for all
  • There is no need to worry about a sweeper leaking


All this certainly hints at the efficiency of a carpet sweeper and establishes one fact that these machines are simple to use. You will not have wait on it for hours because of a jammed up part. You don’t need to work on it as there is no maintenance as such. It can be used for a quick cleanup and they are handy on the whole.

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