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The Best Granite Cleaner (Review 2022)

Cleaning is the most important thing to take care of when you have built a dream house of yours. Floors, walls, roofs and also the granite kitchen tops or table tops need special attention and special ways to clean up.

Often you may have faced an oil mark or some other dirt mark on the granite top that looks completely horrible. There are a few ways, such as using warm water and vinegar to clean up the mess. But these home remedies are not much useful as they may not clean up the entire thing and the scratch marks may still remain or may show up even more.

A much better idea, in this case, is to use granite cleaner to clean the kitchen tops and table tops. Now there are some products, of course, available in the market to clean the stuff, but to get the best result, it is important to have a proper cross check and get the best granite cleaner.

Some people may have a trust upon a particular brand and may get the cleaner from that brand, while others may have a cross check of some factors before getting the best product for cleaning the granite tops of kitchen, bathrooms or anywhere else in the house.

Below, you’ll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer’s reviews on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Granite Cleaner?

To get the best result of cleaning in your bathroom or kitchen tops or other granite made places, choosing the right granite cleaner is needed. Though there are some options available today regarding various brands, still there are some factors that can be considered while selecting the best one.

Some of the points that one should surely consider while selecting the best granite cleaner are:

The Cleaning Results

The most important and crucial point to look for is the result that the granite cleaner will be offering. There are some products that are appropriate only for the granite surfaces, while there are also others that can be suitable for granite as well as other surfaces such as marble, stone, and others.

So, it depends on you about which type of cleaner you wish to have, depending upon the natural stone surface that you wish to clean.

Toxic or Non-Toxic

If you have kids or pets in your house, then it is necessary that you should use products that are not toxic in nature. So, while buying the cleaner, you should check its composition and make sure that the product does not have ammonia or phosphates in it.

Non-toxic cleaners are also biodegradable and hence protecting the environment also. In case if you are getting confused about the composition, go for the herbal products.

The PH Level

Apart from checking the toxic level of the cleaner, it is also important to check the PH level of the cleaner. This canalso be noticed in the composition of the cleaner. Cleaners with lesser PH balance are of course less harmful to the granite, and hence you will not face discoloration of the surface soon.

Though cleaners with higher PH balance may prove in cleaning the granite quite faster, they may tend to harm the granite surface also quite fast.

The Fragrance

Now this particular point is considered the least in most of the cases. But people who are sensitive to smell may consider this point also to be an important one. Some of the cleaners may not have a decent smell and hence after cleaning the granite, the bathroom or the kitchen may have that particular smell for some time.

Now there are some granite cleaners available that have a sweet smell such as that of citrus or mint. This creates an environment of freshness in the kitchen or the bathroom after the cleaning process is over using this particular granite cleaner.

Top 3 Best Granite Cleaner Reviews 2022

1. Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish – Daily Use, Streak-Free

Best Granite Cleaner

Best Budget

Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish not just cleanse out the dust and grease on the granite surface, but also reduce the scratches on the surface. As a result, the cleaner is successful in reducing down the dullness of the surface and brings back its original look and color.

The neutral pH formula of the cleaner is well compatible with some surfaces such as granite, marble, tile, quartz and many others. Using the cleaner on surfaces brings back the shine that was there while the surface was new.


  • This is known to be one of the best granite cleaner options as it has two in one effect. The spray offers to clean the granite surface as well as to polish it and restore back its actual look.
  • The product has such composition and formula that is effective in restoring back the lost color of the surface and also to highlight each vein of the surface.
  • The cleaner cleans the surface very effectively not just from dust and dirt, but also from old greases and other issues. Also, it cures the scratches on the surface to make it look good.
  • The PH balance of the cleaner is in neutral and hence it does not damage the surface and can be used to clean quite frequently.
  • It can be used on a huge number of surfaces such as granite, tile, marble, limestone and many others.


  • Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish works great on granite, marble, tile and other surfaces, but it may have problem polishing quartz surfaces.

2. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Refill, 64 FL. Oz.

Best Granite Cleaner

Best Overall

As the name suggests, Granite Gold Daily Cleaner can be used to clean the surfaces quite often. It is known to clean the surfaces quite well in case of granite, quartz, marble, limestone and many others.

The product cleans up the dirt and grease and then leaves a citrus fragrance behind in the whole kitchen or bathroom environment. The best thing is that this can be easily used in replacement of another household cleaner that may cause damage to the natural stone and may lead to repairs or damages soon.


  • The most important pros of the cleaner are that it can be used almost all the day. It is non-toxic and non-acidic that makes it less harmful for the natural stones and hence you can use it quite frequently than your other household cleaning products.
  • It does not contain any ammonia or phosphate, and hence it is also quite safe for the babies or even the pets in the house. If you have a granite or marble surface in your bathroom or drawing room or anywhere else where your baby or pets frequently visit, the cleaner can work well in cleaning the surface in a safe way.
  • It is available in refill packs that can be affordable to buy on a regular basis.


  • As of now, there are no such recorded cons of the product.

3. TriNova Granite Cleaner And Polish For Daily Use – Enhances Shine And Goes On Streakless 

Best Granite Cleaner

Best for Shine

Trinova Granite Cleaner is held best for cleaning up the sealed stone surfaces. Though the product is quite powerful in cleaning up the natural stone from grease, dust and other dirt items, also it is safe on the surface. The products enhance the bond in the stones so that to create a protective layer on the surface.


The cleaner product has been specially designed for cleaning of the stone. Hence, in comparison to some other household cleaner products, it does not have a bad impact on the surface, and it does not make the surface area dull after cleaning.

  • Even after cleaning up the worst of the mess and greases, it is capable of leaving the stone surface shining and great to look at. It hides all the scratches that were there on the surface.
  • It does not fill the kitchen or the bathroom with that tangent chemical smell. Rather, it has a pleasant fragrance that occupies the environment after the cleaning session is over.
  • The stone surfaces will shine and will have a mirror-like effect when you switch on the lights; such will be the cleaning offered by the product.


  • The spray nozzle of the cleaner may get broken or may not work at sometimes. Other than this no such cons yet of now related to the composition of the cleaner.


Granite cleaners are important to not just to clean the granite and marble surfaces but also to polish them and keep them look good always. There are some such cleaners available now. But it is important to go for the best granite cleaner regarding some factors such as toxicity, acidity, PH balance and many others. Based on these few important factors can help you in getting the best product for cleaning the surface of your kitchen, bathroom, islands and other places in your house.

The products mentioned above are a few of the best cleaners that have been reviewed by the customers and well as experts. Choosing one among these many products can offer the best results for the granites in terms of cleanliness as well as longevity of the stone quality.

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