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Best Kitchen Degreasers In 2022 That Actually Work?

No one likes to get up to a dirty kitchen. If you are one among them, then you have reached the right place to find more answers in regards to kitchen cleaning. Kitchens are greasy and they always have this oily feel. Again, if you want to keep your kitchen, then you must degrease it, and for that you can use best kitchen degreasers.

Yes, you heard it right; degreasing is the only way to get rid of the grime. Remember grandma had some magic tricks up her sleeves and we are going to unveil those techniques in this post today. What more you get with this discussion is a set of products that have been reviewed for your convenience.

These products give you a head start and you know what to buy from the beginning. Cleaning is a long process that will take some elbow grease. However, if you are interested to know more about it, you can do so by giving this post a thorough read.

We have not only reviewed a few products for you but also have given you a step by step process to follow to reach the Best Kitchen Degreaser. Start reading at once to get a fair idea of the degreasers.

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How to Choose Best Kitchen Degreaser?

Mostly you will be told to get an all-purpose cleaner to get started with cleaning. This is where we beg to differ. What we say is to invest in a cleaner that will suit your needs well. There is no need to get something that does not the bill and that is why we ask you to buy judiciously.

This is the sole reason why we have incorporated this section of how to choose the best one. If you are really interested in knowing how you can do so, then pay attention to the following conversation.

All Surfaces

This is what most people get confused at, it is all surface and not all purpose. Yes, you need to purchase a degreaser that can work on all kinds of shells. There is no need to get entangled within words, but focus on a cleaning agent that can be used for wood, laminate, granite, glass and tile.

Ingredients on the Label

Make sure the cleaner you choose has clearly stated what components make it a good cleaner. This is a must for all cleaners these days, failing which means the product falls short of compliance with the EWG. We will get into later, but for now remember that a product needs to disclose it all.

Go Green

As mentioned, the EWG or Environment Working Group needs to make sure that all cleaning that go down the sewer are safe. Hence, you need to choose products that are eco-friendly and preferably are packed in recyclable containers. Yes, all products need to adhere to their policies to be marketable and there are no second thoughts about it.


Without playing too much with words, it must be conveyed to you that if you come across a product that states it as a solvent, must be immediately taken into consideration. Okay, let us put it straight, that a solvent means it can dissolve anything and this should be your biggest hint. Now, do you the point?


This should be a giveaway as there is hardly anything to explain in this part. You have a budget to buy a product and you look for products that fit into that price. You have a range, then start looking into range, over looking around vaguely.

Taking all these basic things into consideration can help you accomplish your mission. All you need is little time and put in effort to get the Best Kitchen Degreaser.

Top 3 Best Kitchen Degreaser Reviews

We have curated a list of 3 Best Kitchen Degreaser that can help you get your kitchen cleaned.

1. Best Budget Kitchen Degreaser

Best Kitchen Degreaser

Grease Relief All Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner, 22 Fluid Ounce

People that have used the Grease Relief for years have found this cleaner to carry the same effect on dirt and grime. Most of them say that this is an amazing degreaser that can be used for laundry, degreasing kitchen and even cleaning soot.

Practically speaking, it can clean everything right from clothes to your kitchen. This makes it a versatile cleaner and you can get the most out of it by using judiciously.


  • It is an all purpose cleaner that you need to put to use wisely
  • It can degrease your kitchen very well
  • It is a heavy duty cleaner and this is why it can take on the sturdiest grime
  • Most importantly it is a biodegradable product that makes a lot of difference


  • In case of the Grease Relief it found not to work much suitably. But this does not mark down the quality of this product by any means.

2. Best Selling Kitchen Degreaser

Best Kitchen Degreasers

Citra Solv Natural Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate, Valencia Orange, 32 Ounce

A unique degreaser that even smells good. It leaves a good smell after a long hard day’s work especially in your kitchen. It covers the mildew smell and leaves a nice tangy smell behind. It can cut through grease like butter and can sanitize the area very quickly.

You don’t have to do much other than wait for the right time to start scrubbing. This is a marvel product that does not get talked about much because people want to keep it as a secret, but we have made it public for good.


  • As the name suggests, it has been made out of orange extracts
  • This is why it smells like an orange
  • It is a highly concentrated solution that needs to be diluted before cleaning
  • You can skip the above step, if you think the spot is really dirty or greasy
  • It is a natural cleaner and purely biodegradable
  • It is ready to use
  • This product has never been used on animals


It’s found to be ineffective in the shower area. It cannot remove soap scum as it should be, but what we say is that follow the steps correctly. Performance of any product comes through knowing the right process of using it. Missing a step will surely lead to unhappiness.

3. Overall Best Kitchen Degreaser

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STANLEY HOME – Original Degreaser (2 Pack)

You name it and this one cleans it right from barbecue grills, stove tops, food stains, greasy dishes, clothes, furniture, shoes to gardening tools. You can degrease anything that you want with this cleaner. This is a magic cleaner and once you have it, you will never let go of this one.

Most users quickly get their refill even before they run out of this. Yes, this product is capable of doing wonders and all the galore in regards to it makes complete sense. There is more to this product like:


  • Can clean anything right woodwork, kitchen, bathroom to clothes
  • It can clean up oil spills pretty quick
  • Then comes the engines, bikes and other greasy equipments
  • Very safe for use and this makes it the Best Kitchen Degreaser
  • It is a biodegradable cleaning agent
  • It can work well with both hard as well as soft water
  • It is a reasonable bargain for anyone looking for a good cleaning product


We keep asking our readers to place orders only with authentic dealers only as you may get damaged products and it has a duplicate fake version in the market. It will found to be ineffective if not used well and need little experience using this product.


After reading all this, you may be curious to know where could you find the best kitchen degreaser at your convenience. You may try to get these from professional shops but they will try to pitch you products that bring them more profit. As an alternative, if you want to get these specific products that we mentioned here in our review, then you must get them from online stores.

Once you know what you want, there is nothing more that you would like to be pitched. No one will pitch you anything with sweet talking at an online store. This means you are free to pick and buy your product without someone bullying you into something else. Plus getting your order in mail could be an easier option. What are you waiting for?

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