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Best Suede Cleaner in 2022 (Buying Guides)

What is it with the suede shoes? Are you a fashion enthusiast? Chances are high then you must know about the importance that suede shoes play in a man’s wardrobe.

These shoes became so popular that Elvis had to record a song called “Blue suede shoes.”

They became an indispensable style quotient from the 50’s and ever since then have been quite an evident statement piece. The evolution of suede was like fashion reborn along with blue jeans, leather jacket and pin up t-shirts.

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What is Suede?

​Suede is a fabric that is made from animal skin (cow, pig or even deer) and is different from chamois leather. The way it is treated in a tannery lends it a velvety touch and is a derivative of French words that mean gloves from Sweden because of this. Suede is soft but is extremely durable by nature.

Talking about suede shoes, brings us to one more discussion that of how can you maintain them. This post is dedicated to the best suede cleaner that you can use to keep your suede shoes sparkling. It is different from leather and needs subtle maintenance.​

Below, you’ll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer’s reviews on Amazon.

How To Choose The Best Suede Cleaner?

You may be thinking, why is there a need to bother so much about a meager shoe cleaner. Well, there are a couple of things to take into consideration because if you have shoes of different kinds then you must the right cleaner to clean them.

Having the right cleaner means you preserve them well and they will last you for long. So, what is the big deal about shoe cleaners? Like any other product that you may be interested in buying, reflect on spending the same of time while buying a quality suede shoe cleaner.

You can make an allowance for the following things while choosing suede cleaner:​

Suede brush

These are special brushes that can be used every day for cleaning suede shoes. All you need is to focus on the bristles that should not be worn out. They tend to wear out quickly if you really use them on a regular basis, but you can replace them.


You should invest in a quality spray for cleaning your suede shoes. You certainly do not want them to be stained, so it is highly advisable that you get a reliable spray from a name brand to clean your shoes.


This list on the best suede cleaner will go to waste, if we do not share this with you. Of course, like any other product you need to have a budget for selecting the best of the lot.

Ease of use

A good suede cleaner should be easy to use as no one will invest time and energy in something that looks like rocketry for sure. This indicates you need to buy a cleaner that will make your easy.

Cleaning power

Whatever you choose to clean your shoe with, like vinegar, baking soda, sprays or even brush, make sure that they are of good quality. You cannot spoil your $500 suede shoes by using the wrong type of cleaner. Additionally these cleaners should be able to clean anything off your shoes like stains, foul odor, grease or even glue.

Overall, buying the best suede cleaner may not be that difficult a job provided you know how to go about it. Just remember to be sensible while buying one and read on its reviews before you use them on your precious shoes for once.

Reading through reviews can give you a better idea and speaking of which we have reviewed a few products for you in this post. Read on to know more.

Crisp Assessment Of 3 Top Best Suede Cleaners

This may sound funny to you, but it is actually not because investing in a good suede cleaner is a necessity. Feel free to read about some of the best suede cleaner down under:

1. Shacke Suede & Nubuck 4-Way Leather Brush Cleaner

Best Suede Cleaner

Speaking of suede cleaners brings us to the Shacke™ brush which is considered to be haven for leather shoes. Let us find out what makes it so special that leather shoe owners cannot do without it.

We would inform about what it does and how does it perform so well in this post. On the whole, it welt surface that can clean up stains or even scuff marks from leather shoes.

However, its soft nylon bristles make it light for suede shoes. This balance of street smartness coupled with refinement makes it a winner on this list.​


  • Can impeccably clean suede shoes, leather boots, jackets, coats, caps, furniture and even sneakers
  • The brush is half circular in shape that is why can clean round shoes very well
  • Moreover, the bristles are made up of nylon that make cleaning easy owing to their softness
  • This brush can remove dirt and grime very easily from crevices and grooves


  • Small size of the brush might not be a liking for many. Nonetheless, it is just a shoe brush, how big do you think it should be like? This has nothing to do with the quality of brush or its capacity of cleaning up mess from your suede shoes.

2. Gear Aid ReviveX Nubuck, Suede, and Fabric Shoe Care Kit

Best Suede Cleaner

This is a complete maintenance kit for suede, waterproof nubuck, boots or even fabric shoes. This kit can breathe in new life into your shoes like a magic. It comprises of a series of shoe cleaners start from a boot brush, repellent, scuff eraser to a boot cleaner concentrate.

The main motto of this set is to condition your shoes and refresh them like new. We would like to make a point here that this cleaner works only if you make the effort. It is a manual task and you need to be patient enough for the results.​


  • Is good for shoes made out of fabric, nubuck and suede
  • Can certainly be used on waterproof shoes
  • Expect to get complete boot care from this set
  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • Keep your shoes maintained and your feet happy


  • There used to be a regular problem in packaging which had missing “carry straps!” but it should not be the opportunity to write anything negative about this product. It’s a top quality product.

3. Woly Suede Gum

Best Suede Cleaner

It seems that nubuck and suede shoes finally have come across a match for stubborn stains. You can use this stain remover to simply scrape off the marks and you will be surprised to notice that it actually does what it promises.

You can use it on your shoes, clothes and bags to start with made of suede. It is very easy to use Woly and rest assured you will be happy to know that it does not require much of an elbow grease to get it right.​


  • This is one easy to use suede cleaner and this is one of the biggest reasons for this being named on this of the best suede cleaner
  • It can give new shine to your shoes, bags, caps, jackets, and furniture
  • The gum and sponge combo works wonders for leather and suede products
  • Most people agree that it is a time saver for them
  • This cleaner can get rid of sweat marks and other stubborn stains within minutes


  • The major problem is the language of instruction as it only comes with German and create problem for many users as they can’t use it properly and make a mess of it many times. You need to be careful about what you drop on your shoes and where you drop your shoes. This is not a magic want but just a scrubber!


Remember suede is different from leather and the two are nothing alike. It is softer, is highly resistant and is available in natural colors (because of the tanning process). Suede shoes go with any kind of outfit and you need to keep that in mind as well. This means you should keep them shining and prim.

The most important aspect that we wanted to cover in this post devoted to the best suede cleaner is about keeping your shoes neat and letting them breathe. Suede shoes are classy and can lift your style because of their natural colors anytime. So keep smells, grease and water off your shoes to retain them forever. Like leather, suede can go a long way provided you care for them.

To be honest, if you care for anything, you will notice that they serve you well. Suede shoes are no exception to this rule!​

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