The Best Toilet Brush for Fresh Toilet (Review 2022)

Keeping the toilet clean is the necessary thing that you need to take care of, whether it is your home or your office. There can be some health related problems that you can face if you do not take proper care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the toilet.

You can use some items to clean the toilet in the most effective way, such as proper toilet cleaner, toilet brush, and many others. Whatever toilet cleaner product you use, one particular thing to surely use is the toilet brush to have a clean toilet.

If you go for purchasing a toilet brush, you may come across some options and types. Don’t get confused regarding which one to purchase and which one to not. Just do a well research before you buy one. If you are sure about which one you wish to take, you can surely get the best toilet brush.

But if you are not aware of which one will be best for you, then you may need to consider some factors in selecting the best one. Many individuals go for the brand name while there are also many individuals who may take care of the properties of the brush so that they can get the best option for their toilet cleaning regime.​

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How to Choose The Best Toilet Brush?

Selecting the best brush can be not a difficult task if you know the proper factors to consider. Apart from the brand, there are some other points that you may have to take care of so that you do not have to regret your decision later on.

Comfortable Handle

The first thing to take care of, while selecting a toilet brush is that whether holding the brush is comfortable or not. Normally, the brush handle is made up of soft plastic that makes it easy for the users to have a proper grip on it. There are also brushes that may have a metal handle or rod. It is important to check whether such brush handles are rust-free or not.

The Brush Bristle

Second, most important point to consider is the bristle of the brush. There is no point to having a brush that is comfortable to hold but is not good at cleaning the toilet. The bristles of the brush should not be very soft or very hard. Also, they should not be attached to iron wires as they have a tendency of damaging the floor or other areas of the toilet.

Hygiene of the Brush

Just keeping the toilet clean is not the only thing that you need to consider. You also need to understand that the toilet brush that you are using should also be cleaned properly after cleaning the toilet. It is important that the toilet brush is properly sterilized so that it does not spread out any bacteria in the toilet that may then have an inverse impact on the health of the family members.

You should consider a brush with wide bristles or have wide gaps so that you can clean up the brush properly. Of course, proper disinfectant should be surely used up in cleaning up the toilet brush.

Design Matching the Interiors

There are some users who also consider design to be one of the factors while choosing a toilet brush. Of course, the factors mentioned above are the most important ones to consider regarding keeping the toilet clean as well as the brush also clean.

But there are many individuals who also consider the design and look while selecting the best toilet brush. Not just the brush should be good to look at, but also it should match up with the interior of the toilet, regarding color, pattern, and others.

Top 3 Best Toilet Brush 2017 Reviews

Now if considering all these factors, if you are searching for the best option, then here are a few of the options that you can go for.

1. OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

Best Toilet Brush

The OXO toilet brush comes along with a hideaway, as already mentioned in its name. This keeps the brush hidden in the toilet from the eyes of the guests and also it keeps the brush safe and protected from being damaged. The brush holder will offer you the perfect grip so that you can provide a proper and deeper cleaning to the toilet of your house or office.

Also, the brush is available in different sizes and colors so that you can select the one based on the requirement that you have and also by matching the brush to the interior of your toilet.


  • The hideaway canister is easy to open and close and hides the brush quite conveniently so that the entire setup can look extremely clean.
  • The head of the brush is a bit tapered and also the bristles are of such a quality that proper cleaning can be provided by reaching all the corners of the toilet.
  • The handle of the brush is shaped in a way that can offer the user a comfortable grip for holding it.
  • The canister has holes in it so that the wet brush can get dried up in it easily.
  • The footprint is the best feature so that the brush can be kept anywhere, even in a minimum space.


  • It has the problem with canister leakage and damage.

2. Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Crush Caddy Set

Best Toilet Brush

If you wish to flaunt your bathroom accessories, then this can be a correct option for you. The caddy set is beautifully designed to hold both the plunger as well as the bowl brush. The non-slippery base of the caddy offers both the plunger and the brush an easy and comfortable storage.

The plunger and brush has a height measurement of about 19 inches and has a rubber grip over a sleek design to have a comfortable grip while cleaning. So, it comes with a good look and good utility.


  • There cannot be any other bigger pros than the fact that the Caddy has both the plunger and the brush.
  • The brush is a round and big one so that it can provide a great cleaning experience.
  • The plunger is designed with a sleek handle shape and is covered with rubber that offers a comfortable grip to the user while cleaning the toilet.
  • The caddy has a base that is non-slippery so that you can keep the set anywhere in the toilet and they can be there without slipping out here and there.
  • The caddy set is stylish to look at, and hence it matches perfectly with your toilet and can be a great option to flaunt.


  • The only problem it has with its pointed design of the plunger as they may hurt sometimes.

3. ToiletTree Toilet Brush with Lid

Best Toilet Brush

Nobody wishes to have a pungent smell in the toilet of the brush with which the toilet has been cleaned. Now even if you have cleaned your brush properly and carefully, it will smell and will fill the toilet environment with a nasty smell. Often the smell becomes unbearable.

The best, in this case, is to hide the brush so that the smell does not fill in the toilet. ToiletTree Toilet Brush with lid offers such option where the brush can be kept in the lid so that you do not have to face any smell issues.


  • The operation of the brush lid is simple. When you are taking the brush out of the lid, the lid opens up and then as you again put back the brush, the lid closes. You do not have to operate it manually.
  • The lid over the brush does not let the smell of the brush come out, and hence there is no bad smell in your toilet also.
  • The product is made of chrome finish in place of the plastic ones. This matches well with your toilet and provides a better look each time all the times.


  • Though the entire look of the lid and the brush looks that of iron or some other metal, it is very light in weight.


Toilet brush is an important element in the day to day cleaning regime of your toilet to get a healthy toilet. But it is also important to check out the types and varieties of the brush properly and consider the various factors to get the best toilet brush to keep your toilet clean, fresh and hygienic.

There are some times when you might get confused by considering such factors and points and end up selecting some brands and brushes. If you do not wish to have such confusion, then a better way is to have a look at the options mentioned above. You can just have a look at the pros and cons of the products and then can select the one that you think is best for your toilet.

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