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The Best Vegetable Steamer 2022 (Impartial Review)

Hello there! We have discussed earlier best ways to keep your kitchen clean and organized. A smart kitchen, of course, must be also well-equipped with awesome, useful tools that helps cooking become much more enjoyable and stress-free. One of such tools we’d like to introduce is the best vegetable steamers – the must have items for those who seek for a quick and healthy cooking solution.

Steaming food is the most nutritious way of cooking because it retains all the nutrients locked into it. The process is easy to follow as boiling water vaporizes to form steam that cooks the food in a nutritional way. It keeps the texture of the food maintained well and it has to be mentioned that steaming food can be a difficult procedure, if you don’t have the right equipment’s. Why not get a vegetable steamer start with your healthy living today?

That being said we would like to take this opportunity to expose you to the world cost effective steamers that can make your day. Give this post a thorough read to get a fair idea about how to buy the best vegetable steamer. Recommended read for how to clean inside the refrigerator fasted.

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Top 3 Affordable Vegetable Steamer Reviews

The choice may seem to be little difficult because there are so many steamers available in the market. Nonetheless, the taste of freshly steamed food is a completely different experience. If you like to enjoy flavored and highly nutritional food, then you should give either of these steamers a try as these are reasonable ones to experiment with:

1. Best Budget Vegetable Steamer

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Vegetable Steamer Basket by Kitchen Deluxe – Best Bundle – 100% Premium Stainless Steel

This is like a Godsend product which not only contains a vegetable steamer, but also comprises of vegetable peeler, a cookbook and a hook utensil. Isn’t that a great deal at such an affordable price? What say? Let us have a look at what does this bundle do?


  • Premium quality and most importantly food grade stainless steel
  • ​Designed exclusively to fit into pots and pans of all sizes
  • ​Compact in created in comparison to traditional ones
  • ​Extremely user friendly
  • ​Easy to operate
  • ​Can cook a variety of food including vegetables, fruits, meat, dumplings and gluten free food
  • ​Helps you keep up with your diet like a Dukan or Paleo diet
  • ​Super easy to clean and is dishwasher safe
  • Has a reliable refund policy


  • It is actually very difficult to find a flaw with this one at least. All that can be said is that it comes with a little shorter leg comparing others. Now, that depends on how you want to use it.

2. Overall Best Vegetable Steamer

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Sunsella Vegetable Steamer – 5.3″ to 9.3″ – 100% Stainless Steel

This one is available in 2 different sizes that can choose from. That suggests it can fit into different sizes of pots and pans. You can use it for the best vegetables for steaming like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes and sweet potatoes along with fruits, meat and seafood. There is more to it like:


  • Collapsible design makes it easy for storing
  • It is made up of superior grade stainless steel
  • Is powerful in comparison to cheaper ones
  • Can be easily removed from a steaming hot pan without hurting your hands
  • There is no need to assemble it as the legs and center fold are attached
  • Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe


  • As far as the cons are concerned this steamer gets to wear out on scrubbing. The point is you need to know how to scrub things like these as this is not made of iron and hard scrubbing is not required. All you need is a nylon scrubber or an ordinary scrubber to clean it. So handle it carefully and with caution like any other kitchen utensil.

3. Best Selling Vegetable Steamer

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OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Steamer with Extendable Handle

This steamer comes with an extendable handle which makes all the difference. This is because the handle fork practically protects keeps your hands away from the steam. Not to mention, that this makes it safe for use as there is no chance of burning your hands while working with this. Here are some more reasons why you should give it a consideration:


  • One of the most durable vegetable steamers
  • It is made up of stainless steel which means there is no chance of rusting
  • It can easily fit into a pot of minimum 8 inches of diameter and more
  • The handle is removable
  • It can extend while steaming vegetables
  • You need to fill the pot with 1 and 3/4th inches with water for best results with the Best Vegetable Steamer
  • ​It can be kept folded for compact storage
  • ​Reasonably priced
  • It is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a breeze


  • It could have been nice if it could be build of ‘Valyrian steel’ straight from ‘Game of Thrones’ instead of stainless steel. But you can’t make everybody happy. It might be big in size for some regular users also.

Benefits Of Buying Best Steamer For Vegetables

Yes, why on earth would you need a vegetable steamer? Are you still thinking of managing your work with a couple of stacked up bowls? Problem is if you are looking for an efficient cooking solution then you need to invest in quality vegetable steamer. Ask any professional chef, they will tell you the need for maintaining a kitchen.

You need to have proper utensils for cooking fast, keeping the nutritional element in tact and with fun, then you need the right equipments for sure. Buying the best vegetable steamer is one such thing that will take you a step further in your cooking endeavors.

You can cook resourcefully and to tell you the truth, you will spend less time in the kitchen like this. All this could be the result of buying the appropriate kitchen items that could actually make your life easy. Why not give them a go? Is that it? No, there is more to it, like:

  • Buy a vegetable steamer means you are very health conscious and want to serve your family the best
  • That is correct, the best electric vegetable steamer or a steamer baskets can ensure the food structure is not altered
  • This means your food retains the healthy juices, original color and natural taste
  • If you like steaming your vegetables then you don’t oil which is pretty nourishing again
  • You can cook anything you like in a steamer without a doubt
  • Most of these steamers have a strainer that makes your work easy and you do not have to worry about straining the water out like the olden days
  • It is about convenience of your cooking and that should be your focal while deciding in its favor
  • A vegetable steamer comes in handy especially if you are on diet
  • Additionally these steamers are a blessing if you have a baby on board
  • The biggest advantage of a vegetable steamer is that you save a lot on energy and this means you save a few extra dollars per month without compromising much

Choosing The Best Vegetable Steamer

Now, this could be a tricky situation if you are new to this. There are a lot of steamers these days that you can choose from. The market is full of best microwave vegetable steamer types, there are electric vegetable steamers and then the manual or steamer baskets. If you are really doing it for the first time, then consider investing in simple steamer baskets that come with no additional headache. The reason being, you need to learn the process of steaming food, make it tastier and get used to it. So why invest in something you may not be comfortable with from the beginning. Moreover, the simple steamer baskets are a good resource because:

  • They do not run on additional power, thus saving you energy bills
  • Furthermore, there is no fear of getting electrocuted come whatsoever
  • In general, the simple manual vegetable steamers are made up of stainless steel and you can see that as they do not use any other coating to hide the reality
  • Most importantly these are inexpensive and anyone can afford them
  • They are equally good looking
  • Some of them can be stored folded and packed together
  • Hands down these steamers can speed up your cooking
  • The best part about buying a manual vegetable steamer lies in its cleaning, yes, cleaning the is absolutely easy
  • This means they require less of maintenance work from your end like any of the those self proclaimed best electric vegetable steamer
  • Next thing you need to focus on is the size of a steamer, see if that fits the stockpots, pots, pans or cookers you have
  • The last thing that should not get unnoticed is the space you need to keep a steamer, but again in most cases these are easy to store utensils because of their compact size

Tips For Using Vegetable Steamer

A steamer basket is more user friendly as the learning is near to zero with it. Nevertheless, learning about a few tips can certainly add to your expertise. This is why we have collated all the information and synthesized all of that into this section. Unlike all the vegetable steamers reviews, we have tried something different to make it more meaningful for you. Here are some tips that can come handy while operating a steamer basket or stovetop basket:

  • Always remember to cover the pot as you place the vegetables into it
  • This definitely helps you save energy
  • Okay but keep in mind that you should add the vegetables only once the water in the pot starts boiling
  • About steaming your food, it can be said that it entirely depends on your choice because some people like soft vegetables, while some prefer a little more natural taste
  • Spread the vegetables uniformly for even cooking
  • Keep a tab on your vegetables if you want the right texture then you need to be vigilant
  • Once the vegetables are cooked, turn off the stove and remove them slowly from the basket
  • Please do not do this in a hurry and take your time while taking out the vegetables or meat because you need to save your hands from getting steamed
  • As for cleaning of your steamer basket you need to use a metallic or a normal scouring pad to scrape off the remains
  • You can even submerge for it sometime under water to before cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be useful for frozen food items?

Of course it can be used for steaming frozen food as well.

Can it be used to prepare baby food?

Absolutely! It is ideal for baby food and considering the fact that most of these stovetop baskets are made up of stainless, it becomes safe for use for a baby.

How big should I buy?

That totally depends on what size of pots and pans you have at home.

Can salt be added?

Yes, you can add anything you like in a steamer basket.

Can these steamer baskets be used in a pressure cooker?

Yes you can use it for pressure cooking without a second thought.

Can these be used for cooking multiple items?

No, they are just designed to cook one kind of food at a time.

How to open?

It is rather an easy task because all you have to do is to put a finger inside the bud, pull one petal away and you will see it opens up like a flower.

Does it rust easily?

Chances are really less because these vegetable steamers are made up of stainless steel.

Are these sturdy?

Yes they are very sturdy and can last you long provided you maintain them well.


To be honest, steamers come for all prices and you are free to make that choice. However investing in costly electric steamers is something that everyone cannot afford. So these manual steamers are a way in between the heavy Chinese bamboo steamers and the high end electric steamers. This means purchasing the best vegetable steamer is totally up to you.

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