Cleaning Car Glass

The Best Way To Cleaning Car Glass

Clear glass of car windows is important for clear visibility while driving. Manually the windows got clean, but bad streaks formed on them after cleaning which seems very bad and frustrate the owner of the car. There are some best fast ways to cleaning car glass, get the car vacuum into action

Clean windows and front screen glass of car

Clean car windows are equally important for all car holders, because they want a clear look of outside as well as good looking car. A lot of methods had been tried by people, in order to have streak free, clean and clear glass. Very latest, tinted car windows are very trendy these days. They look fabulous, but the whole procedure, from their application to the drying out stage, they required at least three to five days, and the time could prolong in winter. If water trapped in between glass and tinted sheet, it looks bubbly and hazy.

Different methods of Cleaning Car Glass

Products with ammonia

Car cleaning product, including ammonia in them are harmful and should be avoided. Their fumes should not be smelled as it is quite dangerous for health and the ammonia itself, if applied to tinted glass, could cause damage to the tint sheet.

Microfiber Towels and sheets

Microfiber towel is best choice, even for cleaning very bad streaks and stubborn marks on the car glass. Chose the towel which has a tight weave in it, so it will give you better results in scrubbing of stains. For using them, wet one side with water and clean the window, after its use the dry side to remove the streaks on the window and the job is done. For cleaning inside of the car window, be very gentle with glass in the case you have tinted windows.

Windshield wipers should be cared

The windshield wipers should maintain in good condition for effective working. You need them during rain, dusty environment and snow, and they can only do a good job, if they are in good condition. The rubber of the wipers and the glass should have good balance for better performance. So you need to clean the wiper blades frequently. Avoid the rubber dressing on the wipers, as it will make more streaks on the glass. Use wet towel or cloth to clean the rubber or wipers and they dry them.  In winter and snow weather you can use some antifreeze solutions for protection.

Effective wipe down methods

  • While using spray, never directly spray it on the glass, as some of it gets mixed in the air. Use a towel, spray on it and clean the window with it. Move your hand in circular motions and spread the cleaner evenly all over the surface. When you have done it, use a microfiber towel and clean the glass with it to remove the streaks. The windshield required more attention, after this, clean out the other windows as well.
  • In case you use of smoking in your car, the haze could be reduced, if you clean out the window frequently.

The Conclusion

For removing water spots use glass polish products. Take a foam applicator and apply the polish all over the glass, use the microfiber towel for finishing your work. This will remove the water marks very easily and give your car windows a noticeable shine.

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