Deep House Cleaning

What is Included in A Deep House Cleaning?

Deep cleaning of the house involves a detailed cleaning. It gets rid of dirt, soap scum, grime, and other gunk in the vicinity of your home. Deep house cleaning is just about picking up the clutter and wiping down the surface. Although sanitizing and disinfection can kill germs deep cleaning is necessary to make your home environment healthier by removing dirt, dust, and other such things.

It also makes you look better, fresh, and clean. Typically, deep cleaning takes longer than general cleaning particularly if you are doing the deep cleaning of the entire home. It involves a lot of detailed work which takes more effort. 

What comes in deep house cleaning?

Generally, these are the things that are included in deep cleaning. These things are also included in Local Deep cleaning services.

  • Cleaning of under furniture 
  • Wiping of ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Cleaning and vacuuming of upholstery
  • Cleaning blinds 
  • A dusting of every decoration piece 
  • Sanitization of trash cans and other such surfaces 
  • Dusting the lampshades 
  • Cleaning of baseboards, window frames, and door frames 
  • Wiping off the vent covers 
  • Cleaning the inside of window sills and window tracks 
  • Wall scrubbing 
  • Vacuuming of wall edges and other cervices 
  • Polishing of furniture

When To Get Deep House Cleaning?

Deep house cleaning can’t be done on daily basis. It’s an occasion thing which can be done on any special day moment. Deep cleaning while moving into a new house can give you a better feeling and a fresh start. 

Many people start the deep cleaning when they start using a particular service or part of the house. Deep cleaning can be scheduled deep cleaning before a house party or an event at your home. During the gathering, if anyone looks closely at your baseboards or appliances, they won’t find any grease or junk. 

Deep Cleaning of different places

Deep cleaning of different areas of the home is done for different reasons. If you want a thorough cleaning, move into every corner of the house. It’s not just a single area that is going to undergo deep house cleaning. Here we discuss the different types of places that can undergo deep cleaning.


The kitchen is the place that is used for cooking, preparing, and storage of food. This is where you create healthy and delicious meals for your family. Hence you need to make sure that your kitchen is always orderly and clean. Cookware and kitchen utensils should be sanitized and sterilized on daily basis.

This is done to control and avoid pests that could bring in some food-related diseases. Kitchen equipment like ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee machines should be managed properly. The kitchen is the busiest room of the house so clearing up day-to-day clutter will make your kitchen clean. 

Here are the tips for the deep cleaning of the kitchen:

  • Brush and scrub off heavy grease on the stove-tops and the floor of the kitchen
  • Clean the oven from inside and outside 
  • Clean the fridge and dishwasher from inside and outside
  • Clean the range hood thoroughly
  • Clean and sanitize all counter-tops 
  • Clean and polish all the steel appliances 
  • Clean the glass doors and disinfect the sinks after cleaning
  • Declutter the counters and tops
  • Properly dust cabinet fronts, baseboards, and windowsills
  • Dust and wipe cupboards and furniture 
  • Empties the trash bins and disinfects them. Also, replace the trash bags 


The bathroom needs constant cleaning and cares more than any other room in the house. This should be cleaned and sanitized on daily basis to prevent the possible spreading of viruses, bacteria, germs, or pathogens that can be a cause of illness and disease. Daily wiping with disinfections ensures that your bathroom is completely safe and germ-free. 

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Deep cleaning of bathroom includes following things:

  • Cleaning and sanitization of sinks, showers, and bathtubs
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet particularly the base and back of it 
  • Clean and disinfect the tile walls 
  • Clean and reorganize the bathroom vanity top  
  • Dust baseboards, light fixtures, window sills, and bulbs
  • Empties and disinfect trash bins and replace the trash bags as well 
  • Chemically treat molds and mildew
  • Remove cobwebs 
  • Scrub and brush off slime and grime on the tile walls and floor. Disinfect the bathroom floors as well
  • Sanitize the cabinet surfaces, woodwork, door frames, and switch plates 

Living Room With Hallways and Stairs

The living room is where we spend most of the time. This is where we greet our guests and relax and socialize with them. So, we want to make it clean, decent, and presentable. After all, a clean-living room can make your guests feel comfortable and warm.  

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Deep cleaning service of the living room includes:

  • Cleaning and sorting the pillows and cushions
  • Dusting and wiping down of lamps and lampshade
  • A dusting of picture frames and light fixtures
  • The dusting of window sills and baseboards
  • Vacuum the stairs, dust the vents and blinds
  • Sweep and moping of tiled floor
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpeted floor 
  • Vacuum furniture and upholstery 
  • Clean the glass tables 
  • Wipe down the appliances such as televisions, remote control, and other such items


Deep house cleaning is the perfect way to get your home really clean, but it can be costly. The pros of house cleaning are that you get your home really clean and it is the perfect way to start a new year. Including deep house cleaning in your yearly budget may seem like a no-brainer, but it may not be as simple as you think.

I hope in this article we were able to help you understand what is included in a deep house cleaning, and We hope that you learned something new and that you will be able to use this information when you are getting your house cleaning soon.

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