How to Clean a Car Ceiling

How to Clean a Car Ceiling

Buying a car is not end of it but there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it. That said, you need to make sure that the entire car is neat and clean. This has many benefits that we will discuss in a short while from now. Here is a good read on How to Clean a Car Ceiling in details.

As for now, you have to absorb this piece of information that a clean car gives a good vibe and the driver of course feels positive while driving it. Speaking of cleaning a car brings us to this conversation that even the interior of the car should be taken care of. Hence the ceiling or the headliner should not be devoid of this.

8 Tips On How To Clean A Car Ceiling

The headliner is more than just a fabric as it is made up several layers foam and special material. Over time it absorbs a lot of unhealthy things that need to be eradicated from the car. Harmful components like smoke, hair, dead skin and food can cause serious diseases if inhaled or contacted with. You need to do away with them immediately and we would request you to get back to the manufacturer to get some more details about what kind of cleaner you should invest in.

Nonetheless, we have formatted a routine that you can follow to clean your headliner in the best possible ways:

  • Remove dirt – Use a microfiber cloth to eliminate the dirt and grime from the ceiling to start with. Do this gentle as the fabric of the headliner is soft and you do not want to scratch it with might.
  • Upholstery cleaning agent – You either invest in upholstery cleaner from an auto parts shop or you can also try to use something that is easily available in your house. How about a simple shampoo? Yes, you heard it right you can use shampoo to clean the padding.
  • Use it cautiously – Put this cleaner in a spray bottle and use as you clean. This will help you focus on one spot at a time. If you are using the same microfiber cloth, then turn it over and spray a little into it and then rub the padding to make it more effective.
  • Strip off the area of dirt – By scouring the area softly you can get rid of dirt, grime, dust, smoke and other hazardous elements instantly. Remember not to go deep with your cleaning as you will not like to damage the inner liner of the ceiling.
  • Let it dry – Once you are done, wait for the upholstery to dry. Then look for any stains or dirt that you can lay eyes on. If it is good to go then follow the next step and if not then use a deep cleaner to remove excess dirt.
  • Air freshener – If you are done, then consider applying some air freshener to your car or squirt some on the ceiling too. This will help the odor to be removed all at once.
  • Run a lint roller across the ceiling to take out hair (in case you have pets, you will need it more) from the ceiling as well. This will make it cleaner and undoubtedly, you don’t need any more residues after going through a rigorous cleaning procedure without a doubt.
  • Another thing would be to use vinegar mixed with water (3 parts water with 1 part vinegar) to take off stubborn stains if you do not have a deep cleaner at home. In fact, using cleaning agents that are easily available at home can help you gain control of the whole thing. What more do you want? Go, try it at home and keep the headliner clean for hygienic reasons.

Benefits Of Car Ceiling Cleaner

As promised, we have created a section on the importance of keeping your ceiling clean. It not only helps you in keeping up your car but also extends its longevity as this the best way to clean car ceiling. Feel free to read through the following pointers that will enlighten you about this:

  • A clean headliner lends a neat look to your car
  • Cleaning the ceiling of car can remove all the harmful agents that may cause diseases
  • It helps to make the car odor free
  • If you drive a stinking, you will not feel like driving it and may want to get out of it the moment you get into it, this may result in rash driving
  • So, you see how the safety gets compromised
  • Driving is not about only your safety but it involves looking after wellbeing of others as well

We would recommend you to to consult the user manual of the car for better understanding about the standards of cleaning

Avoid Doing All This While Cleaning The Car Ceiling

There are a few things that you should ideally avoid doing while cleaning the headliner. Give this section a thorough read as this is an integral part of this dialogue on how to clean ceiling in car:

  • Never use a car vacuum cleaner on the ceiling because the pressure of the vac can pull off the upholstery
  • Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning the upholstery as this can damage the ceiling on the whole
  • Do not let the ceiling get wet as it can spoil the inner lining
  • Keep away from using cleaners that are incompatible with the ceiling

Hope these tips on How to Clean a Car Ceiling have added a meaning to your idea of maintenance of the car. You need to make sure that you keep your car clean and hygienic for good. If you have pets or children, you will know the importance of keeping your car neat all the more. Besides, if safety is involved with cleaning, then you should prioritize it over anything else.

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