How to clean a dab rig

How to Clean a Dab Rig The Easy Way

A dab rig is an instrument used to vaporizer and smoke cannabis concentrates like hash oil. Vaporizing is more efficient than smoking, as the heat of the flame burns some of the product. Vaporizing cannabis products allows you to experience the active ingredients through the entourage effect more fully.

If you use a dab rig for a long time (or if you share one with many people), it can get dirty. It’s even worse if the instrument is not cleaned on a regular basis, as it may start to smell and taste bad.

This article will show you why you should clean your glass dab rig and how to clean a dab rig for favorable performance and great taste.

Why You Should Clean Your Dab Rig

Many people use dab rigs multiple times a day. If this is your situation, it’s essential to keep your rig clean so that you don’t pass on any germs. Otherwise, the next person who uses it may get sick. While this can happen with any instrument shared by many people, it’s more familiar with appliances used for smoking.

Secondly, you will save yourself the trouble of getting sick. If someone else used your rig before you, there might be residual chemicals left behind. Cigarettes are carcinogenic over time. Cleaning the instrument regularly reduces the risk of contracting cancer or any other disease from residues left behind on its surface.

Thirdly, cleaning makes the product last longer. The residue left behind consists of wax, resin, and ash that can clog the small openings in the rig. When this happens, you will lose efficiency when you try to smoke through it. As a result, you’ll use more products than necessary and experience less flavor during smoking sessions.

Finally, your dab rig tastes better. I’ve noticed the difference between a “dirty” and a clean rig. The taste of residue left behind is unpleasant and can even be nauseating.

If you want to get the most out of your concentrate rig, then you need to know how to clean a dab rig.

What You Will Need To Clean a Dab Rig

Before you start cleaning your dab rig, you will need to gather the following cleaning product:

  • Your dirty rig and nail
  • Rubbing Alcohol 91%
  • Vinegar and Salt
  • Cotton swabs
  • A large container
  • Torch
  • A sink with running water

How Do You Clean A Dab Rig Step By Step Guide

Clean a Dab Rigs

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to clean a dab rig. The following steps will guide you through the process.

Step 1. Prepare Your Dirty Rig

To get started, you should light the torch and heat up the nail on the rig. Once it is red hot, you can remove it from the rig. This will allow you to clean the inside of the rig more easily.

After you finish heating up the dab nail, make sure not to touch it with your bare hands. Otherwise, you might get burned.

Step 2. Pour The Solution Inside Your Rig

Next, make sure not to use cold water to clean the rig. It may cause cracking and other damage on the surface of the glass if it’s too cold.

Fill the rig with 91 percent alcohol until it’s over halfway full. You can use a rubbing or isopropyl alcohol for this step. After you pour the liquid, place the nail back inside and let it soak for several minutes. During this time, you should clean your dab tool to prevent cross-contamination between your rig and the tool.

When you’re done, remove the dab nail and pour out all of the old grain alcohol. Rinse out the inside of the rig several times with room temperature water until it runs clean.

Step 3. Make Your Vinegar Solution And Salt Cleaner

While you’re waiting for your rig to boil, combine equal parts of water and vinegar into a container. Add two tablespoons of salt to the solution as well.

Step 4. Boil Your Dirty Rig

Pour out all of the water from your clean rig and place it on a heat-resistant surface. Be sure not to place it on top of any wood, as it may get damaged from heat exposure.

Turn on the heat and bring the solution inside the rig to a gentle boil.

Step 5. Remove The Residue And Scrub The Surface

This is where using salt becomes essential. Salt helps break down residue and makes it easier for you to scrub off any dirt or gunk that has formed on your rig. Use a cotton swab to clean out the rig, and then wipe it down with a paper towel. Repeat this process until you notice that all of the residues are gone.

Step 6. Clean The Nail Using Acetone

Pour acetone inside the rig and cover the opening with your hand. Shake for several seconds before removing your hand from the opening.

At this point, you should see a thin film of acetone, and the nail will be covered in it as well. You can now take your (preferably new) dab tool and use it to scrape off all of the residues from around the bowl and joint of the nail.

After you’re done, remove acetone and pour out all of the dirty acetone and water. You can now rinse off the nail with fresh water before you dry it with a paper towel.

Step 7. Assemble Your Rig

Now that you’ve cleaned your rig, it’s time to put everything back together again. Place the salt cleaner inside your rig and attach it back to the dab rig. You can now take your new and clean nail and place it inside the rig as well. At this point, you’re finally finished cleaning a dab rig and can now enjoy using your freshly cleaned glass piece.

Always be sure to dry everything before you use it again. If there’s still some water inside the rig, the chances are that you’ll get a nasty surprise in the form of water spots on your next hit.

Frequently asked questions on how to clean a dab rig

What is the best way to remove wax from a dab rig?

Using isopropyl alcohol to soak your rig with will make it much easier for you to remove the wax. After soaking, you can carefully use a dab tool or cotton swab in order to scrub off the residues.

Is it a good idea to try a vinegar solution for dab rig cleaning?

Vinegar is a very common ingredient when it comes to cleaning and removing stains from various surfaces. While salt will make the wax easier for you to scrape off, vinegar will help break down the residues inside your rig. It’s worth trying out vinegar before you resort to using salt.

How do you clean a dab rig without rubbing alcohol?

This is a very common question for those who don’t have access to rubbing alcohol. While you can clean your rig with just water and a salt cleaner, the results may not be as promising as you would hope for. If your main concern is getting rid of oil residues inside the rig, then it’s probably best to just use rubbing alcohol.

How do you collect reclaim?

One of the simplest ways to collect your reclaim is by using an old dab tool. After you’re done taking a hit, put the dab tool inside the rig and carefully scrape off any remaining residue on the sides. You can then take this reclaimed concentrate and enjoy it all over again!

Can you use reclaim?

There are many debates regarding the safety of dabbing reclaim. While it does contain some amount of THC, there are solvents present in the concentrate that you may not want to inhale into your lungs. If possible, then try not to use any reclaim. At the end of the day, only you can decide what is best for your health.


Your dab rig must need regular maintenance if you want to get a clean and enjoyable dabbing experience every time you use your glass piece. The best way to do this is by performing a regular deep cleanse on your rig. It’s important to note that while cleaning a dab rig is reasonably straightforward, and you need to be careful when handling chemicals such as acetone and alcohol.

I hope in this article you have learned How to clean a dab rig after use. Be sure to keep your glass piece clean, so you can always enjoy it without having to deal with any hassle.

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