How To Clean A Shower Head

5 Tips For How To Clean A Shower Head

Many a time, you may have noticed that mineral deposits of hard water can clog the shower head from performing its very best. So, at times you may find the shower may not be working as per your satisfaction. What do you then? You call the plumber and spend a fortune to find out that you could have done it on your own saved the hefty sum. If you want toilet brush to check this article.

Worry no more because we have got you covered for this from now on. All you need to do is to keep an eye on the shower head to see if that is working fine. So here are some of the best tips that you could have found to know How to Clean a Shower Head.

5 tips for How to Clean a Shower Head

There are many ways by which you can keep the shower head clean and we will have discussed a few of them in this post. This is because we want you try to clean them and let us know about your experiences. Moreover, we have tried our best to use only those products that easily available in any household in this shower head cleaning tips discussion. Read on to know more and also share more.

1. Test the waters

For starters, you can you simply try to brush off the deposits with a toothbrush and soap solution. Of course, you need to take off the shower head first or if it is a fixed one then you can try to clean it in the shower. Run the water, check if it is running up to your liking and if it is then you are done.

2. Clean the film

Sometimes there are harder build ups that do not leave the shore with simple cleaning. You may need to clean the filter to get the desired results. Don’t get worked up as you many need to unlock the whole shower head. You must have the user manual handy or you can even look into videos on the official website of the product or on any other platform.

Once you do make sure that you clean the filter with a brush or a microfiber cloth and run it under water for some time to flush out the deposits. Set everything in place and verify if your shower is working better. This indeed is one of the best way to clean a shower head.

3. Vinegar cleaning

This is one of the most sought after methods because if you clean shower head vinegar you will be able to get rid of soap scum, mineral buildup and limescale all in one go. Plus, vinegar is not harmful for the skin, so when you shower you will not get that burning sensation that you otherwise get while using shower head cleaner products from the market.

All you need is to remove the shower head and immerse it into bag or container full vinegar. Keep it for 30 minutes or may be even overnight, if you are using a bag then seal it with a plastic band and then scrub the head to remove all the deposits. That may sound easy and trust us it is as you don’t have to run helter-skelter to get the right components.

4. Baking soda

In case, the stains are stubborn and can still be seen on the shower head, then consider opting for this alternative. Make a paste of baking soda with warm water, apply this paste on the shower and then slowly clean it with a soft cloth. Just make sure that you wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands as baking soda is abrasive. Then rinse thoroughly and do not let baking soda sit on the shower head for longer.

5. Best practices to follow

If you want to what to clean shower head with anything, make sure that you have the supplies in place. Things like a pair of gloves, user manual of the shower, spray bottle and brushes need to be organized before you start working on it. You should keep yourself protected because you will be working with mildew, soap scum, buildups and microbes. You can cut down on this growth by:

  • Wiping the shower after each use
    • Clean the condensation on all surfaces after your shower
    • Keep the windows and door opened after shower as this will decrease the humidity in the bathroom
    • It will dry the shower floor faster as well

Why is there a need to clean the shower head?

Hard water plays its role amply well in congesting taps and showers. On the other hand, you need to keep your family protected against bacteria, fungal growth, mildew and harmful buildups. If you neglect the hygiene, you may have to face several health disorders starting from pulmonary diseases to many more like:

  • First of all unclean showers look disgusting
  • They can create havoc for ears, eyes, skin, lungs and hair
  • It can also cause damage to your digestive system like Crohn’s disease that is a long term disease to battle with
  • Unclean shower has been directly associated with a condition called septicaemia that affects the immune system

So, you see that there is no point in comprising health, which is why you should keep your shower clean, house tidy and surroundings neat. This should be the mantra of your life, if you really want to live a healthy life.

The Conclusion

Now, that we have provided you with all the information about How to Clean a Shower Head, we hope you share some of your finest ways with us through the comments section. After all we believe in sharing and home remedies are a real deal to save money as well as use natural resources for everyday use.

This is because natural products are harmless as they do not produce fumes and do not release strong chemical reactions. Using homemade remedies to clean your house is a safe best for sure.