How to Clean Car Carpet

How to Clean Car Carpet (DIY)

Do you always cringe whenever you think of cleaning the carpet of your car? Does that seem to be a tedious job? We will not lie, to some extent it is, but keeping clean can change the interior of your car.

However, if you know the tricks properly of how to clean car carpet, then this pesky job will never look like what it seems to be.

Then again, you may have a 10 year old or a new car, you need to keep it maintained. This will increase its resale value and most importantly you will commute in peace.

Who likes a filthy and smelly carpet to travel in? Point is, if you know how to clean car carpet, then you certainly will keep it clean. Today, we will discuss all the details for this and you can learn a trick or two from this post. So, read on to know more.

How To Clean Car Carpet – Supplies Required

The problem is most people tend to neglect the cleaning of their car’s interior. This is a major predicament for car owners and some may even not know that the carpet of their car can be cleaned.

This is why we wanted it to be solved once and for all. We have answered all the questions pertaining to this cause. Feel free to read all of it and then decide for yourself, which regime to pursue.

Here is how we have simplified everything related to how to clean auto carpet. A thorough read about what kind of supplies you need, will help you find a way for sure.


This is a free for all option that you must seek too. The truth is you need to air dry your car at times by letting air pass through it. You will note that cross ventilation can do wonders for your car’s carpet.

The whole car will start smelling fresh and clammy atmosphere that has been bothering you; will no longer pester you. This is a good option as this does not require you to get tools and devices. All you need is a place that receives ample sun and let it do the rest.

Vacuum Cleaner

Another handy tool would be a car vacuum cleaner or may be any model that you own (or are comfortable working with) could be put to use. A vacuum cleaner increases your efficiency by cutting down on your efforts and saving you time.

You can cleanup within minutes like a professional and you will be pleased with the finish. It is a helpful machine when used appropriately can bring you great results.

Carpet Cleaner Or Detergent

You could use an eco friendly carpet cleaner or mild laundry detergent to clean the carpet of your car. Make sure that your cleaner does not cause harm to marine life and its surroundings.

One more thing that you should keep in mind while choosing a car carpet cleaner is the brand you trust. Nonetheless, this is an absolute necessity for car carpet cleaning.


You need a microfiber cloth and this is a must have for cleaning purposes these days. You may also need a soft bristled medium sized brush for scrubbing the mats and the carpet.

It is highly advisable that you keep some paper towels at hand for soaking, taking out the dirt and more cleaning. Paint thinner if you have stubborn stains and a spray glass cleaner for additional help.

Besides, To clean up your entire car, you may require some tools and cleaners which make this cleaning procedure quite ease and simple as well. Further Readings

The Process Of Cleaning Carpet In Car

Now, let us start cleaning the carpet of the car in reality and see how exactly can it be done. In this case, you must pay attention to how to clean carpet in car because your query gets resolved pertinently in this section.

Air Dry

By far, treating your car with natural elements should be the best thing to do. So, wind the windows, open the doors wide and let sunlight take care of the rest. This will kill allergens and microbe buildup if any and also ventilate the car in the best possible ways.

Within minutes, you will notice that the odor and dampness in the air have vanished, literally into the air. In fact, you can spot the difference in your car carpet right away following this ensuing procedure. Told you this is the best thing that you can opt for!

Take Out The Garbage

We would like to add this small step before delving into the subject. That said, it has to be mentioned that you need to cleanup your car. This means, you should remove counterparts that you have dropped, chewing gum residue, pet hair, crumbs or dust from your shoes from the carpet and underneath it.

This is an important step and you should not omit this, otherwise your cleaning will not be as effective as you want it to be.


This is an essential part of your car’s carpet cleaning for sure. You can either, vacuum or sweep it, take your pick and vacuuming could be an easy way out. Vacuuming is an effortless task that brings you maximum results. These days you get handheld vacuums specially designed for cars.

These are light in weight and can run a long way on a single charge. Choice is yours but you need to make sure that you reach the cervices, under the seats and pedals while vacuuming.

Carpet Cleaner

Using a certified carpet cleaner or a laundry detergent is a must and you can use a medium sized brush to lather it further. You can work up the shampoo into the carpet in a circular motion.

This will remove the dirt and grime once for all. Let this shampoo sit for 10 minutes, look for stains if any and then repeat the process if you think it is necessary.

Dry Up

You can use a rag or the microfiber cloth that we have already spoken about for this. Dip the cloth in water and blot the shampooed places with it. Remember one thing that you should not drench the carpet as this may instigate mold formation if it does not dry properly.

So, after all this, we request you to leave the doors open ajar once again to allow it air dry. Let it dry for an hour or more to ensure that your car and the carpet do not remain wet.

For The Mats

Repeat the same procedures while cleaning the mats. Take them out and let them dry in the air. This will help it to get rid of excess water and you will feel fresh when you drive down this car across the town.

More Tips On Cleaning Your Car’s Carpet

Now, that you know so much about cleaning your auto carpet, we thought it would wise to share some more insight into how to clean it further. Here are some tips that can really help you to keep your car clean on the whole.

  • Keep paper towels in your car to take care of spills and accidents immediately
  • These can prove to be of help to remove coffee, soda or other stains
  • Using simple cold water can do a lot of wonders in such cases, yes, but let it sit for a couple minutes depending on the damage
  • You can use club soda to do away with vomit stains, wipe clean the stains by moving your hands in a circular motion and you can use a cloth for this
  • Using hairspray or salt can help you eliminate pen stains, all you need is to rub the affected area with a rag, microfiber cloth or paper towel in circular motion and then follow up with a damp cloth to clean the whole thing
  • Do you recollect that we asked to keep paint thinner within reach when we started talking about how to clean car carpet, it was to dispose of greasy stains, you can simply scrub the area with a paper towel and then it rest for 10 minutes, again to swab if off
  • Did you know that you can make paste of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and toothpaste (non gel) to remove stains of any kind in your car
  • You could use laundry starch to get rid of blood stains from your car
  • Cleaning chewing gum residues with ice could be a great way of getting rid of these ugly things
  • Sprinkle your car carpet with borax after vacuuming, give it half an hour, then vacuum again, see how the smell dissipates


Follow these simple steps to avoid traveling in a car that has a dirty carpet and a shabby interior. It would be a car that no one would like to take a lift in too and you surely don’t want that. Your car is your pride, prove it yourself and keep it clean.

Everyone likes to ride a dashing car, you are no exception, but to must know how to clean car carpet for that. Let your car do the speaking next time you ride it.

We have covered everything we could in this respect and believe that you have enjoyed reading it equally. Let us know more about it through the comments section.

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