How To Clean Car Headlights

How To Clean Car Headlights

Okay, you may have noticed that the headlights of your car have become hazy. What do you then? A simple solution to this could be found in replacing the bulbs.

Now, that could be a costly affair and you may consider cleaning it as a cheaper alternative. Headlights are usually made of plastic (polycarbonate). No wonder they are sturdy and can resist everyday scratches as well as use. However, they tend to get cloudy with regular use that if you want to know How to Clean Car Headlights easily following these methods can be of help.

Start With How To Clean Car Headlights

The first thing that you need to do in this regards, is to check on your headlights. Find out if they look okay or have they lost the brightness. You should for serious damages like abrasions and scratches that may otherwise be a cause of worry later. Ideally, you should look into:

  • If the lights are hazing in broad day light, check on them by switching on and off the lights
  • Then you can wash them with a soap solution and look for any damage
  • See if the haze is a result of yellowing of the headlights
  • The headlights at times get yellow owing to wear and tear that can be removed with quick cleaning
  • You can use some polishing agent to remove these stains
  • Another important aspect that you should not skip is to look for cracks and peels
  • If you notice any kind of crack or peel that occurs when coat starts to wear out, the best thing to do is to consult a professional for changing or resurfacing it
  • That is correct if you think you cannot handle the headlights by yourself, then seeking help from a professional can be the best remedy

Find Out The Best Way To Clean Car Headlights

Now, that you know so much about how to track the problem, you should focus on How to Clean Car Headlights in a proper way. Here are some steps that you can adhere to while doing so:

  • Start by taping the headlights for safety or you may scrub off the paint
  • Invest in a quality sandpaper, like something with 1500 grade would be good
  • You can rub the headlights with rubbing alcohol before you begin cleaning can be a good option
  • You can use a spray bottle or a bucket to make the area wet
  • Then start scrubbing the headlights in circular motion (preferably)
  • Keep scrubbing until you see the yellowish color or haze to disappear
  • Once you are done scrubbing, you need to move on to the next step, get a non abrasive compound to polish car headlights
  • You can avail these at an auto parts store or can even look for remedies found at home like a sink cleaning agent
  • Add this compound to a microfiber cloth or a rag of your choice and then start rubbing the headlights
  • Keep rubbing until you see the film to be clean and clear as it used to be or till you are satisfied
  • You can even take a small test of the headlights
  • Then seal the lights with what is known as a plastic adhesive

Benefits Of Cleaning Car Headlights

You should not ignore the importance of cleaning car headlights because of safety to begin with. Headlights are more than just a light because:

  • Enables the driver to see in the dark
  • They are used as a means of communication with other drivers
  • For providing directions of movement
  • Are used as indicators while changing lanes
  • You should also know the etiquettes of lighting, like when to use dimmer and deeper lights
  • Just keep in mind that they are not used to blind other drivers

This suggests that headlights of your car play a significant role while driving on the road. You should keep them well maintained because of this and you should not leave any leaves unturned for that.

Make sure that they are bright and crisp all the time to help you see through in the dark. A good pair of headlights can warn you of the dangers ahead and keep you guarded like this. Why not keep them clean all the time?

Tips On Cleaning Headlight

If you want to follow basic cleaning principles then you can consider doing it with toothpaste. Yes, you heard us right toothpaste can be the best product to clean car headlights! All you need would be:

  • A simple toothpaste, avoid the fancy whitening ones
  • A rag or a microfiber cloth
  • Water to rinse
  • Coffee (that is for you to enjoy a sip or two while taking a break from all the cleaning)

Now, apply the toothpaste on the microfiber cloth and move it in circular motion to scrub off the dirt and grime. Once you see that the headlights start to look cleaner, you can rinse with the water.

  • Also, remember to wear rubber gloves while working with cleaning agents as it will keep your hands protected
  • Another that as to be mentioned here is that glass headlights should be examined by an expert only
  • If possible do not use baking soda for cleaning as it may bring out some chemical reactions that may not be good
  • It is highly advisable that you take advice from professionals for handling such delicate materials

A Note On Maintenance

A common problem that lurks on drivers across the world is that they tend to neglect looking after the headlights. If you the perils associated with this negligence, then you should not do it. Be more alert and keep a check on the headlights to ensure highest road safety. That is all and How to Clean Car Headlights may seem to be fun if you can do it on your own this way.

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