How to Clean Earring Holes

How to Clean Earring Holes At Home

Do your ear piercings smell? Okay, get ready to gross out, but this is a serious discussion that many would like to know about. We know this is a big problem for some and that is the reason why you have reached this post today.

There is no shame in looking for a solution for how to clean earring holes because you must get rid of it at once. You must be very keen to know about a remedy, but we have to be honest here and let you know that this will require a little time. No, don’t get us wrong, it is not time consuming or something, but you need have patience. Let us have a look at it in details.

Supplies needed – How to Clean Earring Holes 

Alright, this is not something very easy and you must know why do your earring holes smell? This can be best explained like this that you have been wearing an earring for a long time, especially the screw type. You have tightened the screw and not moved it over a long period of time.

Your dead skin deposits, metallic reactions, external factors like air, soap and water leave debris on it. All this forms a glop like stinks and bothers you very much. No worries, we have a few remedies that you can use to get rid of this unwanted thing:

  • Antibacterial soap or a hand sanitizer
  • Cotton swab
  • Cleaning solution – sea salt, perfume, after shave or even Listerine
  • Antibiotic ointment (for fresh piercings)

The Procedure of Cleaning Your Ear Piercings

People have been piercing for ages and it is not at all restricted to women these days. Some cultures have men piercing their ears as a mandatory custom and this should not come as a surprise to us.

Besides, all this, mention has to be made about the fact that you must take some time to clean your ear piercings. We have come up with some good and helpful ways of doing so. Please read on to know more about this.

Wash Your Hands

If you are cleaning fresh piercings, then all the more you must clean your hands before your touch your earlobe. Otherwise, also we suggest that you wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap or may be make use of a hand sanitizer in the least before you start cleaning your earring holes.

Cotton Swab

Now dip the cotton swab in your chosen cleaning solution – after shave, Listerine, sea salt or perfume. Rub the swab along the piercing, and try to clean the opening of the piercing with it. If possible, press the solution against the piercing a little for extra relief. Follow these steps to make it further useful:

  • Spread the swab around the piercing properly
  • Always use a fresh swab for the other ear
  • Use a new swab to clean the back of the ear

Follow it up with an ointment

In case, you have a fresh piercing, we would recommend you to use an antibiotic ointment after cleaning. This will give relief from the pain if any and soothe the tissues that have been busted out during the piercing.

You can repeat these steps twice a day for best results, but remember to keep it sanitized for good. We have come up with additional tips for how to clean earring holes that we would advise you to read.

Another Tips

  • Change your earrings frequently in order to avoid unnecessary buildup
  • You must stay away from cheap jewelry as they can cause you more harm than good
  • You can occasionally leave your ears without free of earrings as this will let oxygen to pass through and let the skin breathe
  • Do not tighten the screw of your earrings
  • Clean your ear line if you have multiple earrings


We have tried our best to explain everything about how to clean earring holes. The only thing that we would like to add here is to clean your earrings on a regular basis. This should be developed into an everyday thing, like a habit, if you really want to keep the gunk at a bay. Hope you have liked all that we have conversed here about and we would like to see you share some more tips with us.

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