How to Clean Hard Water Spots Off Windows

How to Clean Hard Water Spots Off Windows

Hard water spots are a menace and only those who have this problem know how ugly the spots look. What needs to be mentioned here is that these spots create a buildup which is alkali by nature. They mostly contain minerals like magnesium, calcium, metal cations, some compounds like bicarbonates and sulfates. This is the reason you need to remove them is because these deposits can make the metals corrode. These spots are generally found on sprinklers, faucets and windows. We have found some ideas for How to Clean Hard Water Spots Off Windows that we have discussed in this post. Read it thoroughly and you can get some basic ideas to get rid of the stains.

10 Tips For How To Clean Hard Water Spots Off Windows

We know hard water spots are big turn off and many of us try everyday to remove the stains by all possible means, but they do not know that wiping it is not the solution. There is more to it and cleaning it smartly should be your concern and not just washing with the same hard water! We have divided this list into two sections for a comprehensive reading for our subscribers who are looking for removing water spots from windows:

Home remedies

In this section we will discuss using readily available articles at home, to remove the stubborn stains:

1. Lemon

Did you know lemon juice can actually do wonders for removing hard water stains off windows? All you need is, to juice lemons as much as you can and mix it with water. Then spray or daub this water on the affected window and wipe it with a fresh towel for best results.

2. Vinegar

This is a very popular approach to remove hard water from window and there are two ways of going for it. One is mixing half and half of both vinegar with water into a solution and then spraying it on the window to be cleaned by a squeegee. The second method is to use unadulterated white vinegar, pumping the dispenser on the stains and then cleaning by the help of a squeegee. Make sure you wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands from acidity.

3. Baking soda

One of the easily available compounds any kitchen, the baking soda is the lifeline of many kitchens. Not only for fluffing cakes and pastries but also for cleaning. This is why we have incorporated it in our list as it is a handy component. Mix it with water, sprinkle on the window and then wipe clean with a neat towel to remove hard water stains from windows.

4. Toothpaste

Good old home remedy for many, the toothpaste is a cool solution for cleaning windows with hard water spots. It is super easy to use, squeeze out a small amount, dilute with water or apply concentrated toothpaste on the concerned window and then clean with a soft cotton cloth. Viola! You will see sparkling clean windows once again.

5. Cola

Surprisingly, enough cola has been denounced by many health conscious people as they say it has harmful compounds that can cause damage your system. Some have tried to clean ancient coins with it and there is ample proof of this. Some say that it can clean hard water stains from windows very well. You can always try that by taking out that cola bottle from your fridge.

Other Cleaning Agents

This section is about those cleaning agents that are used by professionals to accomplish faster and better results.

6. Microfiber cloth

A microfiber cloth has become a favorite of home users as well. The effectiveness of this cloth has proven to be of utmost use. It can clean, wipe and duct with finesse. In this context, it has to be mentioned that it is a very accommodating agent for Removing hard water stains from glass windows. Be it a simple homemade lemon juice and water solution or a commercial window cleaning agent, it can do wonders with either of them.

7. Muriatic acid 

Hydrochloric acid is another prevalent cleaning agent that is widely used by experts to remove stains from the windows. Yes, you need to take precautions before using it and should always wear your protective gear for this. You can seek professional help otherwise for this to eradicate the persistent spots.

8. Detergent

You can use the normal powdered detergent usually used for dish washing to get rid of the stains. It is needless to say, that these are always on hand in any kitchen. Mix it up with water and blotch it over the stains, then clean it with a clean cloth and see the stains vanish

9. Ammonia 

This is the most sought after solution by professionals as this is a good answer to the question How to Clean Hard Water Spots Off Windows. You can combine ammonia and water to form a solution and dab the troubled area with this solution. Use a soft cloth for this and always cover your eyes and hands before working with ammonia as it can affect your digestive and respiratory tracts.

10. Commercial window cleaning agents 

This could be a perfect solution to reach as there are a lot of commercial window cleaners that can be found easily in the market. You can spray the window with this agent and clean it with a soft cotton cloth to reap the benefits. The result will be a sparkling window with no spots on it that you can see through without any difficulties.

Some Tips on How You Can Avoid These Stains

Okay this is the hardest part, finding out about How to Clean Hard Water Spots Off Windows, because it starts with you. You need to make sure that the sprinklers, knobs and windows do not get spills of hard water. Request everyone in the house to be careful while using the water. In case, the windows have too much of stains on them, then you can replace them with new ones as this will certainly save your labor. Hope our earnest endeavors have helped you by all means.

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