How to Clean Inside of Refrigerator

How to Clean Inside of Refrigerator Fastest?

In this article we discuss some easy methods mentioned here, in step by step how to clean inside of refrigerator.

Fridge used to be the most essential in our kitchen. We use them all the time without giving it a rest. Your refrigerator needs cleaning both from internal and external sides. If you are used to clean it frequently, then it will take less time to clean it after a short time period.

Harmful bacteria, fungus and molds could grow in dirty refrigerators with rotten vegetables and food items. It could be very harmful for health. Refrigerators should be kept in hygienic condition and neat and clean

The Process of How to Clean Inside of Refrigerator

Step 1: Empty the refrigerator completely

For this, you have to remove all the food items in the shelves and from the door cabinets completely. You can do it at one time or can do it in steps depends on you. While removing the items from the fridge, put them in two portions. In one portion place the things you need to move back to your refrigerator after cleaning it, and in the other portion place the things, who need cleaning too, including jam bottles, milk bottles and ketchups etc.

Throw away all the rotten veggies and fruits in the bin, remove excessive unconsumed food items from it, this step will reduce the excessive load from your refrigerator.

Step 2: Clean the Contents of Refrigerator

Take a damp cloth or sponge, and clean out the contents with it. These contents may include milt bottles, jam jars, oil bottles and other ketchup jars. Wipe down them from start to bottom to remove any drips on them. Everything should be in clean form when returning to the refrigerator. Also clean the containers you have placed inside.

Step 3: Clean the interior of the refrigerator

All the shelves and the drawers in the refrigerator should be removed. Make a solution with water and vinegar and spray it inside the refrigerator. Give it time to soak and soften the drips inside. Meanwhile, you can wash the container boxes and shelves with little warm water and soap mixture. Use a sponge for this purpose. After washing them, let them dry by setting them alongsideway position.
Clean the internal side with sponge and damped cloth. Put back all the shelves and container boxes inside after cleaning.

Step 4: Returning of contents

Return back all the required things in the fridge. Place them in some arranged manner, bottles in one side, small container in one rack etc.

Step 5: Cleaning the outside of the refrigerator

Now with the help of sponge and soap, clean the fridge from outside in all the directions, from top to bottom. Leave the back condenser area this time.

Step 6: Cleaning of condenser area

Dust and soil get deposited on the coils of the condenser and also on the fan of refrigerator. They work in releasing the heat from inside to outside to maintain the coldness in it. If they become covered with dust, it can affect their efficiency and cooling capacity. Your refrigerator has to work harder to keep the things cool, so it is better to clean the condenser.

Take some soft brush and clean down the dust over condenser coil and fan. Make sure to unplug the socket before doing this. Remove down all the dust and clean it with damped cloth.

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