How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow

How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow

Everyone likes a good night’s sleep. You can sleep peacefully only if your surrounding is kept clean and most importantly the pillow that rests our head has to be the cleanest of all. Clean bed sheet, bolsters, pillow and bolster covers ensure that you get a calm and composed sleep. This is why, we have scribbled a few tips for cleaning your pillows and that should answer the question how to clean memory foam pillow very well.

So, you see that cleanliness plays a significant role for a blissful sleep. Plus, dead skins, dust mites, dirt and other impurities can cause allergies that may turn into chronic disorders. You don’t that to happen to you and your family as their well being is your prime concern.

6 Tips On How To Clean Memory Foam Pillow

Your pillow is personal choice and so is the material that goes into it. You can choose the most popular type memory foam, latex foam, natural feathers or even polyester fiber ones. Whatever you choose, make sure that you keep them uncontaminated and maintain them regularly.

The simplest thing that you can do is to cover your pillows with breathable fabric like cotton, linen or bamboo. This can keep the pillows protected and help them last long. However, these covers should be changed and washed with care to keep your bed spick and span. Here are a few suggestions that you use for cleaning memory foam pillow:

1. Remove the cover

The first thing would be to remove the cover of the pillow and quite obviously you are advised to wash the covers as well.

2. Make them smell good

How can you do so? Well good old baking soda can do wonders for this. You may also use borax for this if you like and all you have to do is to sprinkle a little of either of these compounds on both sides of the pillow. Let the compounds absorb the squalor for 30 to 45 minutes at the maximum. This will help the pillows get rid of smell, revive it and make it airy.

3. Vacuum it

Now, you may want to get rid of the baking soda or the borax that you have used previously. For this, you may consider vacuuming it with a handheld vacuum or any other vacuum of your choice. This will not only clean pillows, but also refresh them.

4. Stain removal

How to remove stains from memory foam pillows? You need to take care while doing this because any stain from spills may seem to be adamant to leave. No worries, we have got you covered and all you need is a mild detergent, the one that you use for cleaning silk and woolens, mixed with water.

Now, dip a soft cotton cloth or may be a microfiber cloth into this solution and rub the affected area with from the ends to the center of stain. You will notice the stain to spread out and then dab the area with a fresh cloth. Air dry it completely before use.

5. Sunlight cleaning

This is a grandmother’s tip that never fails and taking cue from the last point we wanted all our readers to read this as well. If you live in a bright and sunny place, then this is for you and even if you don’t then wait for the sun to show up and then simply take out your pillow and keep it under the sun. This will kill all possible microbes and when you take it back, you will notice it looks fresh and smells good as well. Such is the magic of sunlight and this is an age old tip that never fails!

6. Deeper cleaning

So, we get you are a cleanliness freak and you want to take it a step ahead. Don’t worry we are not judging, because we like our friends to be more into cleaning. This is the crux of our site and we prefer people who look for more. This is a step by step guide that helps you get a clear idea as to how to wash a memory foam pillow:

  • Fill a bucket or a tank with water
  • Add the detergent of your choice
  • Plunge the pillows into this liquid
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes tops
  • Then squeeze the pillow with hands and rub gently
  • Let the dirt spurt out and keep at it till you see clear solution coming out of the pillow
  • Drain the dirty water and add fresh water into the tub or tank (whatever you have used)
  • Place the pillows and then rinse clean
  • Wring them properly with hands
  • Place the in a ventilated place or just put them under the sun
  • This can take up to 24 hours of time to dry up

Don’ts Of Cleaning Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows are getting popular day by day because they are low maintenance. They light in weight and can be squished easily that support your spine and neck while you sleep to glory. What we would like to discuss in this section is what you should not do while you try your hands at memory foam pillow cleaning and they are as follows:

  • Never run them in a washing machine
  • As the motion of the washing machine can only weaken the padding and stitching of your pillows
  • Do not put them in the drier as the spin will prove to be rough
  • Avoid using a half dried pillow as this will not be good for you and will hamper the longevity of the pillow too

Hope by now you have got a good understanding of How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow. This is no rocket science involved in this and all you need to focus on is to keep the pillows sanitized. That will take care of the rest and you will be able ward off allergens of all kinds out of your house. Just follow the above mentioned pointers in the best possible ways as they will help you build a healthy atmosphere around your house.

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