How To Clean Reptile Carpet

How To Clean Reptile Carpet?

Want to know how to keep your reptile carpet clean? Well here is a tutorial that will share wonderful tips to you so you know How to Clean Reptile Carpet and get fabulous results in the process. Make sure you follow every single piece of advice mentioned here if you want a spick and span reptile carpet.

There is no doubt that fecal matter or urine from reptiles contains high bacteria, viruses, and fungal content; these may be hazardous for your health.

How To Prepare Before The Cleaning Process

  • Firstly cleaning should always be carried out in a suitable environment; you must begin by cleaning up the any clutter. Give your carpet a good inspection and detect any loose objects.
  • You must also make sure that the carpet is in good condition. The carpet should be free from threaded areas, upturned corners, and torn edges. If your carpet is torn get it repaired; you should know that cleaning carpets that are torn can worsen the condition even further. This step is very necessary before you learn How to Clean Reptile Carpet.

A Complete Tutorial on How To Clean Your Reptile Carpet

Cleaning a reptile carpet is not at all tough provided you proceed in a systematic manner and here are the steps that you can follow to clean your carpet effortlessly.

Step 1: Getting Rid of The Waste Material

You must make sure to clean the food and waste material from the carpet on a daily basis. You should also take care to wear proper gloves and masks. You could use paper towels to clean feces and any uneaten food left on the carpet, paper towels will also soak up any urine too.

Step 2: Weekly Cleaning is a Must

You have to make it a point to remove your pet herp and clean the carpet and the terrarium with a host of cleaning items. You should buy good cleaning brushes and disinfectants for the cleaning process. The disinfectant should be free from harsh chemicals at it is not healthy for reptiles.

Step 3: Preparing The Cleaning Area is A Must

To achieve great results you have to prepare the right way, you can start out by making sure the cleaning area is prepared well, make sure you cut a big garbage bag and place it on the floor. Also add one table spoon of detergent to a bucket of hot water.

Step 4: Start Cleaning The Carpet

Place the carpet in the warm soap water and make sure that it soaks for 15 minutes. After this you must take out the carpet and remove all the excess water into a bucket. Place the carpet properly on the garbage bag you had cut out and then commence scrubbing very gently in circular motions.

Make sure you do not exert too much pressure and use a brush with soft bristles. Dip the carpet in soap water and follow the same process for the reverse side.

Step 5: Rinsing The Carpet Properly

Start rinsing the carpet properly; put the carpet very carefully on the garbage bag. Get rid of all the dirty water by pouring it down the drain in the toilet. After this you must clean the bucket with hot water. Place the carpet into the bucket and rinse with tap water. Repeat this process until all the soap content is removed from the carpet surface.

Step 6: Disinfecting and Drying the Carpet is a Must

To make sure that a carpet is hygienic you must consider disinfecting the carpet properly. Buy a good disinfectant from a reputed brand and apply it to both sides of the carpet. This will kill any traces of viruses, fungi and bacteria. Soap water only cleans the surface of the carpet it is only a disinfectant that kills bacteria. 

A god disinfectant will have clear instructions mentioned on the bottle so make sure you follow them well. Before you start using the carpet again make sure you have dried it well.


Well, hopefully this tutorial on How to Clean Reptile Carpet was helpful to you? If you follow the steps mentioned here you can achieve good results in no time. Cleaning a reptile carpet requires a systematic approach and you also need to have the right tools. If you follow the instructions here you will be equipped with the right knowledge to go about things.

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