How To Remove Bathroom Odors

5 Tips How to Remove Bathroom Odors?

By this time you know that keeping your bathroom odor free should be your prime concern apart from keeping it clean. Today, we will discuss all that in details in this post that reports to you about How to Remove Bathroom Odors.

After a hard day’s work you come home and take a shower. How does your bathroom smell? If you are a believer in aroma therapy you will know that it works like a charm. Even if you don’t you will notice the difference of taking a shower in a fresh and aromatic bathroom rejuvenates you in minutes.

How to Remove Bathroom Odors in 5 ways

The first thing that we would like to mention in this line of thought is to keep your bathroom tidy. That is very true, because as you clean your toilet you will notice that most of the smells to dissipate. This means cleaning your bathroom regularly could be a good way to get rid of these unwanted odors.

You can do so by keeping the toilet pot, wash basin, and counters untainted. Also remember to unclog the drains once a while as this could be another area that may generate this odor. Nonetheless, we have found some cool ways of keeping the odor off your bathroom, feel free to apply them:

Proper ventilation

Your bathroom can smell after bathroom use, it can also smell bad because of the combination of smells that originate from shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams and soaps or just the water. What do you then? Simple, keep the windows open and let sunlight pass through your toilet as it can kill microbes and also keep the floor dry which is a must for bathroom odor removal.

If possible keep the door open and let cross ventilation do its magic. You will observe that the musty smell that lurks behind you otherwise is gone now and this will curb down on the mildew formation as well.

Baking soda wonders

Yes, this is one compound that will clean anything and everything. This is the best ingredient to be found easily in any kitchen and yet it is the most neglected product. It can do wonders for cleaning the tiles, commode, and is known as one of the best bathroom smell remover. You can simply pour one cup o baking soda into the pot, close the lid and flush it only to see the smell disappear within a couple of minutes.

You can also make a paste of baking soda and lime mixed in equal parts. Apply this mixture on the on the bathroom floor with a rag or a microfiber and then clean it with vinegar. This will remove the smell almost immediately and keep the bathroom sanitized for long.

Remove the mold

This is another reason why your bathroom may be stinking. Molds are the dark speckle like substances present in the bathroom that make the area ugly, produces odor in bathroom and the stench becomes unbearable. While cleaning your bathroom make sure that you clean areas like under the sink, walls, and behind the doors. You can even get a professional inspect and do the needful but take them down and hold your guard as mold are dangerous. They can cause rashes, itchy and watery eyes to name a few. You surely don’t want to go that far!

Trash and cleaning agents

These are things that are usually kept inside the bathroom and without a doubt make it stink. How to Remove Bathroom Odors with these present in the toilet? It is very easy, see take out trash everyday and keep the cleaning agents stashed in a counter. If you don’t have a counter, then simply store them in a covered box or bucket. Again, remember to keep the brushes clean by adding either disinfectant to them or may be a few drops of essential oils.

Essential oils

Talking about them brings us to this point that using odor eliminator is the key here. There is no need to use room fresheners as they just cover the odor. As the smell of the freshener fades away, your bathroom starts smelling bad again. Fact is there is no need of a temporary solution as you need a permanent resolution to this. Although, you can use oils of choice like lavender, sandalwood to rose but the most effective in this case would be eucalyptus.

It has anti microbial properties and the peppermint like smell will keep your bathroom fresh all the time. You can mix one part of vodka, three parts of water with 10 to 20 drops of eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle and spray it inside your bathroom for best results. Alternatively, you can mix rubbing alcohol with some drops of cedar oil to remove the stench. It must be mentioned that cedar oil has bathroom odor solutions because it has anti-fungal qualities that can neutralize the odor instantly.

Did you know?

  • Did you know that vodka can keep the smell down (we have already provide you with a recipe of a homemade room freshener)?
  • Did you know that lighting a simple candle can kill the smell (avoid the scented types)?
  • Did you know that vinegar can remove bathroom odors? Just dip a towel in vinegar and hang it in the bathroom, it can get rid of the smoky cigarette smell as well.

One bonus point about How to Remove Bathroom Odors, keep your bathroom free of things that can produce the bad smell. Seriously, think about a wet towel, how does it smell if kept long indoors? Damp mats, wet floor and laundry all make your bathroom stink. So take out these items and keep them under the sun.

Let them dry and then place them back in bathroom if there is a necessity. Follow these rules diligently and you will get an odor free toilet that will refresh you the moment you walk into it!

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