Remove Odors From Car

8 Tips On How To Remove Odors From Car

No one likes to drive around in a stinking car and that is for sure. If you find your car smelling one fine day, then it is highly advisable that you get rid of this as soon as you can. This certainly is an awkward situation that no one would like to face. Especially if you have a guest along with you in the car, this becomes all the more embarrassing.

So what do you do when you car starts to stink? Simple, you get it removed. You can do it on your own and here is a roundup post on How to Remove Odors from Car by all possible ways.

8 Tips On How To Remove Odors From Car

The first thing that you need to do is clean your car thoroughly. Wipe, wash or vacuum, undertake any of these techniques, but clean it first.

If your car continues to smell bad, then you first need to identify where is it coming from. It could be arising due to cigarettes, vomit, spills, mildew, urine (in case you have pets and kids) or the trash under the car seat. Once you identify the problem, solving it would be easy and getting rid of the odor would be a breeze.

  • Baking soda – This is a wonder compound that comes handy for cleaning anything and everything. Did you know that baking soda can cover odor very efficiently? It can be used effectively for car odor removal by simply sprinkling it on the affected area (in case you have spilled something in the car). Rub the area gently with it, leave it to sit for a couple of hours, vacuum and see the odor vanishes.
  • Vacuuming – You can get access to hard to reach spots with a good car vacuum. There is no point denying the importance of vacuuming a car and some may even think of steam cleaning. Whichever, way you take, make sure that you clean the car in an unsurpassed way! This will ensure that you have done more than enough for your car and the odor has to take your leave.
  • Use of coffee beans – We all know about this one for sure because every time you go to buy a perfume, the counter girl makes you smell these beans and then try the next one. How did it slip your mind? Yes, they can absorb foul smell very competently. All you need is to keep a container (like 7 ounces) full of coffee beans. Although, you can use ground beans too, but it may not be a good idea as it may make the area messy.
  • Charcoal – Charcoal briquettes are one more amalgam that could be used to remove odors from car. Don’t get worked up, these are the same as the ones you use for barbeque. The best thing would be to accumulate a few of the in a bag, cut a hole in the bag and place it in the car to absorb the odors. Sounds good?
  • Utilizing white wine vinegar – Yes, white wine vinegar could be a great resort for treating a pungent smelling car. This primarily could be used as a cleaner to dispose of stains. Mix it with water and you have a cool solution that can eradicate the most tenacious of stains. It can also be used to remove smell from car quite resourcefully.
  • Dry sheet – This is little known marvel that very few know about. Just place freshly laundered, crisp and dried sheet in the car. Leave it for some time and you will that the odors have disappeared for good. Isn’t that incredible?
  • Cooling or heating system – Clean the AC system or heater on after spraying the vent with a deodorizer. This will help the smell rotate into the air and will immediately put a stop on the foul odor.
  • Natural oils – Ever thought of these as car odor removal products? The answer may be a big ‘No,’ but the truth is yes you can. You can make use of vanilla, any citrus oil or mint to get rid of the smell. You can dab a few drops in a cotton ball and place it anywhere in the car to enjoy your drive.

Why Should You Remove Smell From Car?

There are a lot of explanations and one of the most prevalent one would be because you want to save from embarrassment as stated above. There are some more reasons that you may be astonished to know and would like to eliminate that smell right away if it ever appears.

  • You should always care for your vehicle and protect it from repulsiveness
  • You may be sensitive to odors that you may not know and feel dizzy or may even contract headaches
  • Some odors may be hazardous for everyone
  • Bad odors can also trigger allergic reactions and you may not know of it till you are taken sick

In a nutshell, it must be stated that keeping your car odor free can add to the wellbeing of all. Why not follow this course? After all, you want everybody to live healthy and a germ free life. Don’t you? For the same reasons, car odor removal should be an integral part of your cleaning process.

One thing that we would like to emphasize on is to get professional help for persistent smells. If you have tried everything from our list of How to Remove Odors from Car, then it is highly recommendable that you seek advice from an expert. You can start looking at online classified sites that may give you all the information about local car dealers for more. For future reference, clean spills immediately, ensure that you ask your kids not to litter the car and keep an eye on your pets while traveling. Taking these into consideration can help your car avoid catching on that smell again.

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