How to Vacuum Stairs

How to Vacuum Stairs The Right Way

You have carpeted stairs in your home that you need to clean carpeted stairs, but dreading the daunting task of doing it.

How to vacuum stairs, this takes a little more work to vacuum your carpeted stairs as opposed to just vacuuming the rest of the floor, but it’s worth the effort to keep your stairs looking good and smelling fresh.

It’s not always easy to find the time or energy to tackle a tough task like vacuuming the stairs. But it’s something everyone has to do, and with a little know-how, you can do it quickly and efficiently. Here are some tips for getting your staircases spick-and-span!

Obtain the right tools:

No one wants to vacuum stairs with just a regular stand-up vacuum cleaner they have used for the rest of the house. To clean your carpeted stair cleaning properly, you need a vacuum cleaner that’s designed specifically for stairs.

A vacuum with a hose and a brush attachment called a stair vacuum cleaner is the best choice. This type of vacuum is specially designed to remove dirt from carpeted stairs without causing any damage to them.

The standard upright or canister-style vacuum cleaners just won’t cut it, especially if you have lots of stairs. They lack the ease and convenience of a stair vacuum cleaner. Put simply, they aren’t designed to work on stairs.

How to Vacuum Stairs

Vacuum stairways are not usually complicated. Since you’re likely to vacuum your stairs at least every week, the frequency of use evens out most of the problems. Here are step-by-step guides on how to vacuum stairs the right way.

Step 1: Clear the Stairs

Remove any items that are on your stairs to create an unobstructed path for vacuuming. You can store them somewhere else, or bring them up with you as you vacuum.

Step 2: The Approach

If there’s only light dusting of dirt on your stairs, you should be able to get away with using just your regular vacuum cleaner.

If the dirt is thick or caked on, then you’ll need to use a stair vacuum cleaner . Be sure to read the manual that comes with the cleaner before starting out. There are some cleaners that don’t require any assembly, but others may need you to put the brush attachment (the “head”) on to the canister or body of the vacuum.

Step 3: Get Started

Attach the “head” attachment to your stair vacuum cleaner, and turn it on. Slowly begin vacuuming each step by working your way up. Make sure you keep the brush (the round head) flat against each step, or lined up in front of the stick vacuum nozzle. This will prevent the brush from damaging your stairs, and also helps remove more dust and dirt with each pass.

Step 4: Dusting

Use a feather duster or a soft rag to dust any surfaces of your stairs that aren’t carpeted. It won’t be as effective in removing stubborn dirt, but it’s a good way to prepare your stairway for the next time you vacuum. Cleaning stairs can be a daunting task, but it’s something that needs to be done on a regular basis if you want your house to stay free of dust and allergens.

Step 5: Go For It

Your stairs should now be clean carpeted stairs and ready for you to use. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is out of the way so it won’t get in anyone’s way or cause an accident.

Finally, follow through on your regular vacuuming duties to keep dirt and allergens away. You should be able to clean your stairs in about 15 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Safety Tips on How to Vacuum Stairs:

Vacuum stairs are a task that can be fun, but it is also potentially dangerous. This guide will give you some tips on how to stay safe while cleaning your stairs using a corded or cordless vacuum.

  • Be sure to have someone spot you while you are cleaning. This will allow them to catch you if you slip or lose your balance. Also, say no to using the vacuum if the stairs are wet or damp.
  • Vacuum cleaners can be heavy and difficult for one person to handle on their own. If your weight is over 130 pounds, it is best to let someone else do the heavy lifting.
  • You should always be aware of where your hand or foot is in relation to the edges of the steps. This includes having an awareness of where the vacuum cleaner is in relation to your feet.
  • Don’t hold onto the handrail when using an upright vacuum cleaner because this could cause you to fall backward if your grip happens to slip.
  • A better idea would be to hold onto the upright vacuum cleaner instead. If you are using a handheld vacuum cleaner, then either hold onto the handrail or attach it to your forearm with a sleeve or strap before stair cleaning.
  • Don’t use steam cleaners, carpet shampooers, gas-powered vacuums, or anything that’s not specifically designed for stairs.
  • When you are finished vacuuming, stand on the step below where you were working before vacuuming up any excess dirt that may have fallen down.
  • If there’s a particular area on your stair step that keeps popping up dirt, consider not vacuuming around it until the next time you vacuum.
  • If you are using an upright or canister vacuum cleaner, be sure to use attachments if your stairs have any type of decoration. It will allow for better coverage and thoroughly clean out these hard-to-reach areas.
  • If you are using a handheld vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush, avoid running this over any type of trim or molding. It will cause damage to the bristles and it could be tough to clean them afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes stair cleaning difficult?

Stairs are difficult to clean because they require some sort of support, but lack any type of railing or enclosures. Stairs also tend to be on the larger side and can be time-consuming if you let them pile up with dust and dirt.

What is the best way to vacuum stairs?

This will depend on what type of vacuum cleaner you’re using. If you are using any type of canister or upright vacuum cleaner, be sure to use the hose attachment because it’s easier to clean stairs with than the normal floor head. Also, if your stairway has carpeting, then be sure to use a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for carpets.

How often should you clean your stairs?

It will depend on region, how often you wear shoes inside the house, and if you have pets. If you wear shoes in the house, it is best to clean your stairs at least once a week. If you have pets, then this will likely need to be more frequent depending on the situation.

What type of vacuum cleaner should I use to clean my stairs and why?

For ease of use, it is best to use an upright or canister vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment because it allows for great maneuverability. If your stairs have carpeting, then you should use a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for carpeting and has a rotating brush.

How should I clean specific parts of my stairs?

Yes, you should always vacuum the specific parts of your stairs using different techniques depending on the part. For example, if you are vacuuming carpeting, then you will want to make sure that you vacuum along with the pile of the carpet. If your stairs have hardwood floors, be sure to sweep along the grain.

Final Thoughts

How to vacuum stairs, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but if you do it regularly there is no reason why it should ever take more than an hour to complete. Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and remember that your stairs will look better and last longer if they are clean.

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