How To Wash A Car By Hand

18 Tips On How To Wash A Car By Hand

Salt deposits, dirt, grime, bitumen and debris can cause serious damage to your car. Again, bio hazardous compounds like remains of insects and bird droppings are also a big menace. These can eat into the top coat without you even knowing of it. In addition to this brake dust should be another concern because it travels with the vehicle and can be corrosive.

Why not keep your car clean of all this? If you are really interested to know about How to Wash a Car by Hand as that seems to be only way put of these risks, then this post thoroughly.

18 Tips On How To Wash A Car By Hand

Before you start cleaning your car, you must know that you should park your car under a shed and avoid direct sunlight. This is because sunlight will help dry up the car faster and this will leave ugly blotches on the car while drying.
You surely, don’t want that after a hard day of cleaning. You can ideally, choose a not so hot day to clean your car otherwise, depending on your location.

Follow these steps after that to get the best of your cleaning:

  • Wind up all the windows and ensure that no water goes into the car
  • Keep all the cleaning supplies handy right from soap, microfiber cloth, water, bucket or a hose (get your kid to help and make cleaning a fun filled family adventure)
  • Remove the wipers off the windshield away from it
  • Start by hosing a little water onto the car with normal speed
  • Now apply cleaning agent or soap to a mitt or sponge and start scrubbing it from the top
  • This suggests that you wash the car in sections as that will make it easy for you
  • Remember to splash water as you rinse the soap off any section
  • This will prevent formation of large droplets of water
  • You can start drying the car with a microfiber cloth to avert this at this juncture or wait for the entire process to end and then move to drying
  • Wash the lower part of car and the wheels at last as these are dirtiest spots and you may need to work them a little more harder
  • You can use a wheel brush for cleaning the wheels
  • Clean the sidewalls painstakingly and remove all the dirt with a plastic brush of your choice as this is the best way to hand wash a car
  • Using a hose can help you wash off the dirt from different angles
  • Use fresh towels, soft cotton rag or microfiber cloth to dry the car
  • You can use the squeegee to assist in drying by removing excess water
  • Apply wax on the body of the car as this protect the paint
  • A coat of water repellent treatment can also be used to improve visibility
  • Just keep this mind that you should never wax fresh paint Line 2

Why Wash A Car By Hand

There are many reasons why should you consider washing your car by hands. That being said, you must admit that washing your car by hand is the most cost effective way. This should be your priority as maintaining a car is not an easy to do for sure. Why bring on extra expenses? There is more to this and the following pointers can make it clear to you:

  • Riding a clean and sparkling car makes you proud
  • Save water by not visiting the car washes as they use more water
  • This was you protect your investment
  • You car will serve you longer
  • Washing your car can save it from getting damaged
  • Clean lights mean clear vision which means you will be driving safer
  • Undoubtedly, the best hand car wash can maintain the new car look

Do’s And Don’ts of a Hand Car Wash and Detailing

You may be surprised to know that you should let the car dry properly as mentioned in the cleaning section to make it look good. There are a couple of more things that you should do, like:

  • Remove acid rain and bird droppings immediately
  • Get rid of tar build up from the road
  • Can use dedicated hand car wash products for better cleaning
  • Buy a car wash from an auto parts shop for better results
  • Always use separate cleaners for cleaning different sections of the car
  • Lather the cleaning sponge or mitt with soap before applying it to the car


  • Do not let water to accumulate while washing
  • Do not dry the car under sun as this may develop splotches of water
  • Please don’t use the dishwashing detergent or hand washing agents on your car
  • Never move the sponge in a circular motion while working on your car as this may leave ugly marks
  • Don’t use abrasive agents or towels while cleaning your car because you don’t want unnecessary scratches on it

To draw a closing on this topic of How to Wash a Car by Hand it must be added that you should wash your car weekly if possible. This is will keep the car, you, your family and friends protected. You do not want your car to become a breeding place of microbes.

This is why you need to keep it clean and more than anything hygienic. Always be prepared to get wet and wear shoes with rubber soles to avoid slipping. If it is cold outside, then wear longer pants and a pair of boots made of rubber for extra protection.

Using mitts can be a good idea as they help you scrub better. Finish sticking anything to your car that may be required before waxing it. This will keep the car wax protected and make it last longer. A clean car can make you satisfied and you can also drive with peace of your mind because you know it is germ-free as well.

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