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10 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking

This seems to be a prevalent problem as most of our readers have asked this question a million time that how can they keep your Kitchen clean while working. This is why we have taken the liberty to equip our readers with 10 Tips to keep your Kitchen clean while cooking. This post will certainly make their lives easier and help all of you to work systematically in the kitchen. Get good quality vegetable steamer for your kitchen.

10 Tips to keep your Kitchen clean (while cooking)

There could be many a way of doing this, however we advise you to take things one by one. This will make it easy because we don’t want you to be puzzled at all. While cooking, you may be doing zillion things together. Cleaning up along with that may seem to be a distraction, but it is not so. Take ideas from the following pointers and make your life easy:

Clean the counter top

This is the first thing that you should do as this will make the whole process hygienic. That is correct, you will be using the countertop multiple number of times why not wipe clean it to start with. You can keep bowls, washed vegetables on the countertop just like that. You can use an all-purpose cleaning agent to wipe it with a microfiber cloth to make it more sanitized.

Bowl with water

Talking about vegetables brings us to this unique tip that really assists you in a lot of ways. Pour fresh tap water into a bowl and soak the vegetables that you plan to cook. This way you will be saving a few trips to the sink and you can save fresh water like this. There is no need to wash the vegetables under running water, especially if you live in an area that has water scarcity.

Garbage bowl

In the same manner, keeping an empty bowl to collect all the peels and scraps can be beneficial. This means there is no need to walk on the compost while cooking. You can keep the area clean and you will not be required to pick up the garbage lying scattered on the floor. This bowl can be a blessing for sure as it will lessen half of your cleaning efforts while cooking.

Clean up spills immediately

This is another thing that can make your life in the kitchen undemanding. If you can clean the spills with cotton cloth or a microfiber, then you will be saved from another thing called staining. Most of the kitchens look like ‘Game of Stains’ which are hard to remove and their origins finding can be next to impossible. So why let the spills sit?

Keeping cross contamination at a bay

You need to keep paper towels, towels or microfiber at hand. Of course you can clean the spills right away and also you can maintain a kitchen free of cross contamination. This ideally suggests that you need to set up your cutting boards and you should have two of them. One would be meat of any kind and the other one for vegetables. This indicates that your kitchen will steer clear of cross contamination of food.

Washing as you cook

This is yet another handy tip that will make your kitchen sparkle. Washing alongside cooking can make it a lot easier for you. You can do the same thing while waiting for food to be cooked. Use the waiting in time more efficiently. No doubts, you can save a lot of time after cooking and enjoy your time if wash simultaneously. This can reduce the additional stress on the dish washer and you can save some units of electricity. This works wonders and any cook in the world would be happy to get some free time after cooking, other than waiting for to clean.

Take out the trash bin

This is a good thing to do if you really can make a habit of this. You will need the trash bin all the time while cooking and taking it out of the cupboard can be a good idea. Just make sure that you have a large bin that you can throw the peels and scraps into with ease. Otherwise a small bin can add to spillage and that will make your life miserable in the kitchen. So choose your bin carefully because you know that is an eminent part of the kitchen. Keep it clean and odor free all the time for best results.

A splatter screen

This is a Godsend and you know you should use it whenever possible. It may seem to be difficult but hands down this is a good product to invest in. This is because it saves the cooktop from oil spills and even the filters of your exhaust or fancy electric chimney. This make all the difference and of course can keep the kitchen clean as you will have to use less effort for cleaning up after cooking.

Soak up while eating

After you are done cooking, you can soak the pots and pans you have used for cooking. This way you can store the food in containers ready to be stashed way into the refrigerator after eating and this saves you additional time over waiting for the utensils to be soaked and cleaned. This makes your life super easy and you can enjoy a hearty meal with your family without getting stressed for cleaning.

The Conclusion

Now, that we have created this useful post about 10 Tips to keep your Kitchen clean while cooking, hope you all will be able to work more in an organized way. Following these tips can make it an effortless job to clean while you cook. Moreover these are very simple things that can be done to cook with the peace of your mind because you will not feel the pressure to clean up after cooking!

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