Shark Rocket vs Dyson

Shark Rocket vs Dyson Vacuum Which Brand is Better?

Cleaning the furniture in the house is the common need of all people. The vacuum is always the top option for this task. But, when you stood before the choice the Shark Rocket vs Dyson, it will have a little confused because they are good.

That’s why you should read our article. Apart from the information related to the Shark Rocket and Dyson, we still compare the features of both. From there, you will have the more objective appreciation. Let’s see!!!

Shark Rocket vs Dyson – As Far As I Know

History shark vacuum

It can say that Shark is the oldest brand. So far – for 100 years, they have sprung another company from the older firm. Initially, Euro-Pro that was the parent company mainly produced sewing appliances. But, after relocating to Canada, Mark Rozenweig – the heir started building a powerful empire. And then, he launched the SharkNinja Company in 1995.

Time to time, the products from Shark are available in most markets, thanks to using telemarketing, especially, the US market. Yes, more $1 billion a year is the income figure that is not small.

History dyson vacuum

It is one of the most famous brands when saying to the top vacuums. The income a year is not less $8 billion. Yes, Dyson has reached the certain achievement only in a short time though they also met the difficulties. In the 80s, due to buying a clogged-up Hoover vacuum, it made Dyson get affected seriously.

Nonetheless, Dyson had found a sucked-air model with the cyclone technology when accidentally going to a saw-mill. Based on this idea, he created a vacuum that operated with the cyclone technology. In 1991, incorporating Dyson Appliances Ltd, Dyson had released a fully-made vacuum. Until now, the Dyson brand has still continued taking up the vacuum market.


Between Shark and Dyson has an evident difference. In particular, the majority of the houses have a hard floor, along with the carpets. If you use the brush rolls to clean, the wooden floors will have the risk of scratching.

Therefore, changing the height of the brush roll when rotating from the carpets to the floors is necessary. This one becomes simpler than ever before, thanks to the today advanced models.

With the vacuums from Dyson, they have a base plate, which is articulated together, so you do not need to adjust when using for the carpet and floors. Simply, there is due to the sufficient length that the Dyson vacuum can provide. With upright shape, you will not likely convert to a smaller unit.

On the contrary, the models from Shark can easily perform with the tweak. At this aspect, the Shark is more dominant because of its multi-purpose. You can use it as an upright vacuum. A handheld vacuum is also no problem. With the lift-away technology, the users have 3 flexible settings.

Cyclone Technology

As known, inside the vacuum, the dirt constantly spins. Consequently, clogging will be minimized. That’s owing to the cyclone technology.

Exactly, Shark or Dyson have applied this advanced technology. However, in comparison with a single tier of Shark, the Dyson models provide 2 tiers. This minor benefit inadvertently makes both different.

The Ability to Filter

If we mention to the filtration, Dyson will be better. Why? Because the majority of the newest models from Dyson has been equipped HEPA-filtration. This is ideal to keep the debris sealed in.

Those who are sensitive to the pet hair and pollen will easily feel itchy eyes or a runny nose if they breathe these things. Let’s have peace of mind! The Dyson vacuums will automatically monitor. All are sealed in the 3600 HEPA filter.

What about Shark? Yes, some of the innovative Shark vacuums are also composed of the HEPA filter. Basically, there are 1 and 3 plastic filters in order that you can choose. Remember to clean them regularly. It is pretty simple!

Related Attachments

Apart from looking at the overall functions, you should also consider the attachments because they will provide a variety of use.

Nevertheless, both Shark and Dyson does not come with the accessories. For example, to own the bleeding-edge technology, you must pay for the R&D. You do not only pay for a bag. This does not mean that you will not have any accessories when buying the vacuums from Shark or Dyson.

For most the Shark vacuums, the attachments include a brush to finish touches, an upholstery tool to avoid dirtying the furniture and the setting spots. In general, a large number of the vacuums from Shark offer the additional features, so some accessories can ignore.

On the other hand, if your selection is the Dyson vacuum, you can have a stair tool, combination tool, and turbine tool. If compared to Shark, Dyson seems fewer advantages.

Weight & Price


The weight of the Shark models is not too heavy. Conversely, the units from Dyson are very heavy. This one is pretty awkward when moving. Therefore, if you are not strong, a Shark is suitable because you will easily carry it everywhere.


It is not difficult to determine the price of both. Due to being well-known for many aspects, the dyson vacuum cordless are not often cheap. They are pretty expensive, but they have owned more functions.

For the Shark models, although they are not cheap, their price is usually affordable. It is actually sad because you will not get the similar quality to the cost that you paid.


Each of the brands will have the certain features. You want something that is not too expensive, don’t you? Well, the Shark vacuums are the best option. But, if you are finding the quality model, the Dyson bran will not make you disappointed.

Indeed, Shark rocket vs Dyson is very reliable. Importantly, what is your need? Happy cleaning enjoy!!!

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